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Top 20 Things Everyone Should Experience Once in Maryland | MARYLAND BUSINESS DIRECTORY

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Maryland was the seventh state to ratify the U.S. Constitution around 227 years ago on April 28, 1788. Maryland Business Directory contradicts the state as a small state though it is, the Maryland State is densely packed with its known history, culture.


1. Watch live fireworks at the Antietam National Battlefield, considered as the site of the bloodiest single-day battle in the Civil War. You can visit here any time of the year and is as good to visit the scenic national park as listed in the Maryland Business Directory, but the real excitement is taken to a new level when the anniversary weekend is organized in the middle of September.
2. Free Business Listing in Maryland also benefits while you indulge with a Berger Cookie, the fudge-covered shortbread delights which were named “best cookie” by the Baltimore City Paper. Whenever you are visiting Maryland for the first time, it's going to be an uncomplicated experience, as far as food goes.
3. Cheer loud on the horses at the Preakness Stakes -  Maryland Business Directory suggests that the atmosphere in the stands harkens back to an ancient era, and if you don't have an interest in horses, you can enjoy a music festival, InfieldFest that takes place at Preakness in the evening time of the same day race, usually finds some renown musical arts. The overall atmosphere in the infield makes it one of the top things to explore in Maryland which could be generously described as “rowdy," so those with families and decency might want to stay away.

4. Play with the water in a kayak at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center. When you search for the top things to experience in Maryland, Water is a big part of the Maryland experience, and on the Chesapeake, a kayak is a way to do it. The MARYLAND BUSINESS DIRECTORY also dialect people get closer to waterfowl like ospreys, and you can also learn about the watershed which helps in restoration efforts.
5. Make a trip under the earth at Crystal Grottoes Caverns in Boonsboro. This is among the popular things to experience once in Maryland and is operated by the same family for more than 90 years; this Crystal Grottoes Caverns also offers a 40-minute walking tour through some of the best-preserved cave formations that are readily available in the state of Maryland.
6. Tailgate a Baltimore Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium -  Before exploring top things in Maryland you should know the Marylanders love their Ravens, and rightfully so, as they had a team with two Super Bowl victories and achieved four AFC North titles to their name. For all those who took an interest in some pre-game food and festivities might want to head to Lot O — quite famous and one of the bigger public surface lots where there will be plenty of pre-game food and activities.
7. Metaphorically the tradition at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, that was founded in 1845. You can explore the final resting place of Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones or simply take a tour of the historic campus and experience such things once in Maryland.
8. Watch an eye-catching sunrise and a sunset on the same day in Ocean City - The barrier island in Maryland Business Directory is thin enough which you can head to the beach to catch a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic in the morning and watch the eye-catching sunset on Bayside in the evening. Bonus points if you do it with your camera or a bucket of Fisher's popcorn in your hand.
9. Go to the opening day at Camden Yards - Yes it might be too late to cross this one off this year since the season already started March 31, but it's not too late to play hooky from work and catch a day game in the sunny conditions with fresh spring air.
10. Visit the first Washington Monument in Middletown - Monuments are something always takes an attention amongst the tourists and it's searched across the Maryland Business Directory. It's just about everybody has been to D.C.’s Washington Monument, but the citizens of Boonsboro, Md., erected the original monument in the name of the first president in 1827 — more than 50 years before the one on the National Mall. The monument is located along the Appalachian Trail, so there are lots of areas nearby for a tour or a hike. You can also find out more details by visiting the free business listing in Maryland at Biphoo.
11. Go sailing out of Annapolis — Alas! “the Sailing Capital of the World.” Yes, of course, if sailing is out of your price range or boats make you seasick, you can always watch others hit the waves from City Dock. And you may change your mind by trying some hands on sailing which includes things to explore once in Maryland especially when you visit there for the first time.
12. Dress up for the Maryland Renaissance Festival - Maryland Business Directory have lists of many Renaissance festivals, even if you forget your pantaloons, there's lots of fun to be had in the great wooded festival site in Crownsville. You can also eat a turkey leg, grab a horn of mead or just watch a joust.
13. Try and out-shuck the country's best at the St. Mary's County Oyster Festival listed in Maryland Business Directory and do come for the shucking, stay for the oysters, scalded, grilled, served raw, on bread, in the half shell and any other way you can imagine.
14. Take on Main Street in "America's modest Small Town." Much of the focus in the D.C. region is on its urban headquarters, but it was little Berlin that recently received props from the Free Business Listing in Maryland at biphoo website. You can quickly take a horse-drawn carriage down Main Street to soak up the flavor in the Maryland Business Directory.
15. Cheer on a crab at Crisfield's annual Hard Crab Derby - Crisfield's annual Harb Crab is one of the top things to explore in Maryland, and it's exactly what it sounds like. You know more than 400 especially feisty blue crabs are brought here to the Somers Cove Marina to race in front of hundreds of Labor Day spectators all around the World.
16. Shoot a short movie in Seneca Creek State Park, where most of the 90s horror film "The Blair Witch Project" was shot. When you explore Seneca Creek State Park in Maryland, you'll find the film shoot here nominally takes place in and near historic Burkittsville, Md., but most of the movies were shot in the forests of Seneca Creek where director Eduardo Sanchez grew up.
17. Enjoy a ferry ride through history on the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry, believed to be one of the oldest privately operated ferry services in the country. The road trip is short at less than 15 minutes, but the communication between Oxford and Bellevue has a history going back to 1683.
18. Explore the universe - Business Directory Maryland offers you to take a visit to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt. If you are interested to see a launch, you'll have to head to nearby Wallops Island in Virginia, but the Goddard Space Flight Center has a list of cool exhibits, including their moon rock.
19. Indulge with spirits on Maryland's Eastern Shore - There is few places in the free business listing in Maryland, D.C. region more closely resemble their historical counterparts than the small towns with sprung up along the Chesapeake. Is it always been a better way to take in the area's history rather than a guided nighttime tour through a graveyard?
20. Set your foot on Smith Island before it sinks - This place has a different level of importance in the Local Business Directory with some time limit for accessibility only by boat, Smith Island has lost more than 3,300 acres of wetlands to erosion over the last decade and a half and faces dire prospects from rising sea levels. But still, this unique island community is known for many things, including both its cake and a local dialect which resembles some of its original Welsh characters.

User Calender 21 Nov 2016
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