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Biphoo Terms of Service (Terms & Condition)

Terms and Conditions of Business Directory

Terms and Conditions ("terms and conditions") comprise a legal agreement between client eager to purchase the service(s), existing clients receiving the service(s) or you, ("you") the visitor of our site.

Read and agree to the terms and conditions before using and accessing BD (Business Directory). It is not mandatory to follow every term and condition in the agreement, you can leave the site swiftly.


It includes the overall agreement between Biphoo Business Directory and you. The service plan will become a section of the agreement if BD acknowledges through e-mail or write-up.


A few terms in “Terms and Conditions” are also included in the Privacy Policy.

1.“BD” refers to Business Directory

2.“Listing” refers to advertising the business details in our search directory.

3. “Order or Subscription” refers your acceptance of the services. The authorization must come online, verbally or write.

4. “Updates” refers to the change of the contents or details of the listing.

5. “Business Classification” refers to a directory category.

6. “Directory” refers to printed or electronic publication where the advertisement of business listing is done.

7. “Services” means promotion, insertion, advertisement by BD in the promotion of the business.

8. “You” refers to an individual who is authorized and agrees to the Terms and Conditions.


The payment service gets automatically repeated if the customers stay with us. It will only get deactivate if you want to stop the service deliberately.


Submit a request for your services. Once the request is accepted, you will get a confirmation email. BD is not accountable for services in relation to the service plan that is not accepted.  


Choose your service plan and accordingly receive the service. It totally depends on your choice of service plans. We offer a 14-day money back guarantee offered through email or post. Beyond 14 days, you will not be entitled to any refund.

You agree to take financial responsibility for our services. You must agree to cease request on canceling any fees and charge-backs after the completion of our services. Under Term Plan, you can purchase the service for one month, one year, two years, three years or even a lifetime plan.


Write to us if you are dissatisfied within seven days of our services. We assure you to act against your written complaint as soon as possible.


Following are the terms of how to cancel the services:

1. If we cannot list your business within five business days, then you can cancel the service.

2. If you are dissatisfied with our performance, then you can write a complaint within 7 days.

3. If the staffs cross the promised time of your service, then you can cancel the service.

4. If any service charges under service plan are due, you are forced to cancel our service. We may cancel your service without any notice.


During the end of the Subscription Term, your service will automatically get renewed. Your business listing will remain active.


After we receive the payment, we will review the details and list your business. We believe in continuous discussion on your listing service. The process of delivery service is transparent and to the point.


We maintain the high security of our clients’ personal information. All clients are safe and secure in terms of listing the business.


We are eligible to break the Contract in the mid of service plan if any unavoidable circumstances appear. We will not entertain any illegal means in delivering service to the clients.
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