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Dating Tips For Single Women

11 Jul 2016
By Admin

Dating Tips for Single Women – 10 Main Dating tips one should Know

Tip # 1 – Put in writing your short term and Long term dating goals.

My goal was to meet new and exciting men and have fun; it was my short term goal. My long term goal was having committed relationship. Both worked well for me and the journey with this exercise of your goals can work well for you too.

Tip #2 – Stop making excuses for not dating at all:

I also hear women saying this isn’t the right time for them to start as they have to lose 10 pounds. Well, stop thinking about losing weight when you are thinking of dating. This is all about fear. Fear which you feel when you have to date. Take one baby step and go for it. Visit one small dating site and enjoy.Once you have taken the step, the success is half way, and the next step becomes easier now. The coolest thing is one might find that you have had a lot of fun dating!

Tip #3 Not getting the men to speak and hear, his language may be keeping you away from finding a great guy. Well, they are not women in men’s bodies!

Men’s don’t like talking about their feeling although they are more emotional than you can think.They don’t know how to express it. When you understand their language, and you get to know them better and so do they with time. #FreeOnlineDatingTips

Tip # 4 – One must end the cycle of being a perfectionist about what men wants to date you.

It is more important for you to find a person who makes you laugh rather than just his personality.

Tip #5 – Get out of your comfort zone and date men who make you feel different.

If your usual type hasn’t made you happy in the past then why will he start making you happy now? #DatingTipsAndTricksForSingleWomen

Tip #6 – Whether you think you are correct or not it all up to you to decide!

Henry Ford said about developing cars. It turns out it's true for just about every aspect of one’s life which included finding good men and dating. Check more dating tips on bipamerica

Tip #7 Stop dating from your mind and start dating from your Heart.

Your heart speaks different and so does your mind, especially when it comes to a man. Remember your thoughts is always trying to keep you very much safe and takes care of your comfort zone. What your heart wants is to make you feel loved, adored and cherished for being in a long-term relationship with a man. #DatingSitesForSingles

Tip #8 – Move on from invisibility to Rockstar Visibility with great pictures and a warm, inviting profile online!

Men are visuals, and they are interested in seeing your beautiful smile not your cat pictures, they want to see you in your favorite outfit, not outfit alone. Great photos and excellent profile make all the difference. It's only 24 hrs and I can see around 49 men who are interested in meeting me. 14 men have written me a message and 2 of my top ten prospects whom I am interested in talking. Their notes are so flattering and full of honey. This is more activity that I can ever have in a year.

Tip #9 – Dating has both the sides of being overwhelmed and exhausted.

It’s important to take a break whenever you need to. Get back in touch with what lights you up. Once you do, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to date again.

Tip #10 – Have all the fun and enjoy yourself on a date meeting someone new and exciting.

As we know everyone has a story, your job is to find out what his story is. So make a date more lot fun!



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