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Interesting Results From Online Dating Studies

12 Jul 2016
By Admin

Interesting results from Online Dating Studies | Online Dating | Online Dating Ideas

Interesting results from Online Dating Studies. Have you ever wondered about the online dating? About the studies being conducted on it. Well, here we will tell you more about it and its results. Now a day’s internet is one of the most engaging means of online dating, people have started online dating, and the most common way of individuals coming in touch with one another is online dating. #RealCelebritiesChatting

Five Interesting results one can get from online dating studies | Online Dating Teenager Sites | Online Dating Tips and Tricks

Let’s know 5 of the most interesting results regarding the topic:

1. If you use the word love somewhere in your profile, you will find one.

As per the study by one of the popular dating sites a few years ago, scientists had looked at 1.2 million online dating profiles to determine a new pattern of their choice of words which they had used in their profile and their success at finding love. They said that in case you use the term “love” anywhere on your profile, it’s more likely that you will find one. Also, it’s interesting that one will find love when men use words like “like “children,” “heart,” “relationship,” and “romantic” on their profiles. #OnlineChattingAndDatingTips

2. Race and Class also were ranked at the top of most important factors.

It’s also important for one to know that people were looking for a partner on an online dating site, race and class play a significant role in the selection process. Also singles are less likely to respond to others if they come from another class or even if they were not of same race or even if they had been contacted by someone who had the similar economic background and was of the same race. #OnlineDatingStudies

3. Thirdly people who try online dating, do they ever go out.

Well, it’s shocking to know, but they don’t go out with someone they have been getting to know. Know what’s the problem in that? And one wonders why it happens like this or why do they ever sign up if they are not interested in dating online at first place! #FreeOnlineDatingRegistrationSites

4. Online dating can also save your thousands of Dollars.

#OnlineDatingTopRatedSites When you go out to bars or Clubs, you spend a lot of money. Maybe $50 or even more and if you are a guy you will pay $100. And even more, if you go more frequently. Also, you may not even come out with a phone number. In fact, you will want to date. However, if one joins a free online dating site, all the money one is spending will stay in your bank account untouched, safe. So even if you don’t meet someone the last time when you were logged on, you only wasted your time not resources.

5. Couples who meet online are more likely to stay married

If you want to settle down, maybe you will like to meet them as your future spouse online. In the year 2003 study which was published in Proceedings of Natural Academy Of Sciences, it was also observed that out of 20,000 people who were being surveyed, 35% of them had met their spouse online. #OnlineDatingWithOpenGirls

That’s a good number one can say, considering that many individuals who believe that online dating is the waste of time, am I right?

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