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  • Massachusetts has created a spell-bound impression in the minds of people.
  • People from overseas countries and the tourists marvel at the picturesque atmosphere of this great city.
  • To know more about this place, the following points are appended below for the benefit of the readers:

1) The government is not compromising with its quality, come what may. Nothing less than 100 per cent competence will gladden its hearts.

2) Massachussets is providing quality-oriented education to the students.

3)The government has made it compulsory for the children in the age group of three and above for their enrolment in schools and colleges.

4) The administration has taken all possible steps to allocate sufficient finance for the growth of education, especially to the poor and downtrodden.

5) The government is still puzzled over the information reaching them that despite providing enough resources, many students are dropping out their education in colleges after some time. They are also not making attempts to collect their degree/professional certificates for the advancement of their career.

6)Keeping the gravity of the situation in mind, Massachusetts has taken steps to increase the number of libraries across the State.

7)The people here indulge in nostalgia, as far as joint family system is concerned.

8) Despite the state achieving 100 per cent efficiency in computer-related jobs, bearing the 21st century and globalised era in mind, the residents here are not inclined to sacrifice their urge to remain together as one family, surrounded by relatives and guests.

9) The families also attach equal importance in safeguarding their spinsters, widowed and separated women.

10)Efforts were on to take care of the needs of the physically-challenged people. The handicapped people also express their gratitude to the government by rendering their usual assistance in various activities.

11) A large number of old people here, including women are used to leading a life of their own without any discomfiture. On the contrary, they advise the youth to remain bold while dealing in delicate situations.

12)The children in Massachusetts are at ease more with the grand-parents than of their parents. Here also, the grand-mothers are playing a critical role in inspiring them to become leaders of the State or country in the years to come.

13) The Civilians are playing no less an incredible role for improvement of Massachussetts. The beloved veterans are dsplaying more enthusiasm while participating in the development process of the State.

14)The Government has allotted sufficient household to the people here, keeping 2007as data figure.

15) Massachusetts was also kind enough to treat the women with babies one year prior to 2007, as its residents.

16) The administration knows the problem plaguing the residents, as far as infrastructure facilities are concerned.

17) The government has devised a plan to launch a website to make information on various issues ranging from worship places, shopping, entertainment, healthcare and other essential services available to the residents in a systematic and orchestrated manner.

18) Massachussets is aware that despite doing their best, there is always a room for improvement. The government is not found wanting in allaying the fear or alleviating the problem confronting the people.

19) The realization has dawned on the government that unless it remained transparent, its acts and deeds will fall on deaf ear.

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