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  • Louisiana has taken commendable steps for the development of the state in various spheres.
  • The administration did not lag behind in providing cushion to the residents, keeping their long-term interests in mind.
  • The following points are given for the readers to have a glimpse of the development process in Louisiana.

1)Louisiana always rose to the occasion, as far as providing quality education to the residents.

2)The state has made it compulsory that children ranging from the age of three and above are to be admitted in schools and colleges.

3)The administration is providing necessary financial allocation for education to ensure that the poor, downtrodden and toiling masses also pursue their academic career without any difficulty.

4) Louisiana is, however, astonished to note that despite providing liberal assistance for education, some students have the habit of discontinuing their education in colleges abruptly. They also do not try to collect their professional certificates to further their professional career for the reasons best known to them.

5)Keeping the sensitive situation concerning the education, the government has planned to increase the number of libraries for the benefit of students. Moreover, America is far ahead of other nations in the development of science and technology.

6)The state is fond of proudly proclaiming that they are championing for the cause of joint family system. There is no doubt about it.

7) The couples live here happily with their children, relatives and guests. The family also realizes the need to provide shelter to the unmarried, widowed and separated women in the family.

8)In Louisiana, the old people are not afraid to live alone. Especially the women. They do not hesitate to render their assistance to the government to the maximum extent possible.

9)The government ensures full-proof security measures to its residents throughout day and night.

10) The administration is also aware of the problem confronting the physically-challenged people. They have appointed a team specifically to redress the grievances of handicapped people meticulously and in a time-bound manner.

11) Louisiana is aware of the existence of joint-family system for ages. Though the residents here are computer-savvy in this 21st century and globalised era, they do not want to sacrifice their age-old tradition and culture.

12)The couples live amicably with their children, relatives and guests. They are also aware of their duty and responsibility to protect the spinsters, widowed and separated women in their family.

13) The children would like to be brought up in the hands of their grand-parents than of their parents. More so, they feel secured in the comfort zone of their Nannies.The grand-mothers see to it that their wards become leaders of the nation tomorrow.

14)The Civilians are adept in displaying their worth, especially the veterans with impeccable credentials.

15)Louisiana has made all provisions for the residents so that they do not found anything lacking.

16)The government is aware that many people have settled down in Louisiana for decades and they would be longing for basic com0forts.

17)Louisiana emphasizes on providing infrastructure facilities to the residents. Keeping the famous adage “necessity is the mother of invention” in mind, the government has launched a website that displays the availability of various issues concerning them.

18) The administration provides room for connectivity to the residents by urging them to organize cultural functions that meet the requirements of people from various walks of life.

19) Louisiana is aware that unless they advocate the need of transparency , their governance will become redundant.

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