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  • Those who are used to Lowa and its surroundings cannot forget it easily. The state has made progress leaps and bounds within a span of five to six years. Its unimaginable growth has surprised the residents.
  • There is no doubt that their hard work has paid rich dividends. People from all sections of life have benefitted immensely from the massive development of this wonderful destination.
  • The points given below will enlighten the readers with relevant information:

1) Lowa with reasonable households had accommodated residents from all over the world. The people from overseas are enamoured over its ambience.

2) Like in other States of America, Lowa is not lagging behind in providing quality education to its residents.

3) The government has made it compulsory for the children in the age group of three and above for enrolment in schools, including, nursery and kindergarten, apart from colleges.

4) The administration, despite providing excellent facilities in education, as America is known for its excellence in science and technology, are unable to understand the reason behind drop-outs of some students in colleges after some time. Surprisingly, they are not inclined to collect their professional certificates for their career build-up.

5) The government, keeping the gravity of the situation in mind, has decided to increase the number of libraries in the entire State.

6) The government treated the women, who have delivered babies one year before 2007 on par with other residents, keeping the human considerations in mind.

7) The joint-family system is still a force-to-reckon with in Lowa. The couples here are living together for a long-time with their children, relatives and guests. Their age-old tradition also prompts them to include spinsters, widowed and separated women in their family.

8) The old people, especially in the age group of 65 and above are not afraid to live alone. Here the women out-shadowed men in rendering their valuable service to the government at regular intervals.

9) The government pays equal attention in listening to their problems. The physically-challenged residents are rearing to go ahead in fulfilling their targets, if any, assigned by the administration. They have proved to be more of an asset to the government and other residents at Lowa.

10) The civilian people are rendering a yeoman service to the nation. The veterans, among them, are displaying more dynamism in helping the government with their intrinsic ability and uncanny anticipation.

11) The old people are also playing a pivotal role in extending their assistance to the children. Even unmarried people, comprising 27.2 per cent are playing a significant role for the growth of children in education.

12) The children here, like in many cities and towns, are fond of remaining close to their grand-parents than of their parents, especially to their grand-mothers while pursuing their academic career.

13) Lowa ensures connectivity to the residents, irrespective of their caste, creed, community and religion in a meticulous manner. It enables the people here to mingle with each other to improve their comfort-zone and chemistry, notwithstanding the geographical barrier and other constraints.

14) The government is aware that the state’s development hinges on the improvement in the standard of living of its residents.

15) Lowa is aware that infrastructure facilities are need of the hour, if the government wants to make a lasting impact in the minds of people.

16) The government, accordingly, has launched a website with array of information on various subjects, ranging from shopping, entertainment, religious places and healthcare facilities, etc, for the benefit of its residents.

17) Lowa is focusing on achieving maximization of output with transparency as its triumph card.

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