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  • Indiana has achieved rapid growth in the recent years. If one goes by the statistics of 2007, the people, who had settled down in the households are satisfied with the facilities provided by the government.
  • The following points may be noted for the readers to gain valuable information about the State:

1) The government attaches top priority to the education, keeping the tradition of United States of America in mind.

2) Indiana has ensured that children from the age of three and above are provided with quality education in schools and colleges.

3) The administration, however is, baffled over the information that many students are discontinuing their education in colleges. They were also astonished to learn that they are also not interested in collecting their degree/professional certificates.

4) Keeping the adverse scenario in mind, Indiana has decided to increase the number of libraries for the benefit of students.

5) The government is aware that since America rank ahead of other nations in science and technology, it is imperative on their part to iron out any shortcomings in the education.

6)The people, who are living alone here are living in comfort. Even the people, who are in the age group of 65 and above admit that the government has allowed them sufficient freedom to pursue their activities, as long as it concerns the interest of the nation.

7) Indiana has given an opportunity for the residents to participate in the socio-related problems connected with the government. They also advise the people here to live together with amity and explain the impact of oneness and team-work.

8) The people here believe that joint family system has made a world of difference to their life-style. Importantly, they realized the importance of connectivity and the virtues associated with unity in diversity.

9)The families here do not leave the spinsters, widowed and separated women in doldrums in the family and see to it that they also play a relevant role in bringing up the family.

10) Discipline is the order of the day. In the joint-family system, the elders inculcated dignity and commitment to their wards.

11) The children in Indiana are fond of living with their grand pas and grand-mas, more than their parents. The kids opine that derive comfort and pleasure more from their grand-parents, especially from their grand-mothers.

12) Like in many places, Women have displayed their amiable character, dexterity and skill in managing adverse situations more than their male members.

13) The government’s survey indicates that it is the women, who are valiant enough to withstand downslides, more than the men.

14) Though the state comprises 27.1 per cent unmarried people, here too, the women outnumber men. They manage to tackle their day-day-problem boldly. They are providing semblance of resistance to the vested interests, who are trying to create a divide and rule among the residents.

15) The physically-challenged people are doing their utmost to asst the State to the maximum extent possible. They derive pride in reminding us the former American President John F. Kennedy’s statement that is the duty of the residents to ask what they have done to their country, rather than demanding the other way round.

16)The Civilians are also actively involving themselves for the betterment of the nation. Here, the veterans outwit the youth in displaying their camaraderie and patriotism.

17)Indiana is aware that the people should be informed of the steps initiated by the government for their welfare.

18) Keeping the infrastructure facilities in mind, the government has launched a website to announce the residents about the availability of essential materials meticulously and in time.

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