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  • Illinois has made a remarkable progress for so many years. Especially in 2007, when the residents occupied the limited homes available to them.
  • The government has taken considerable steps at a rapid pace to make the State attractive and comfortable for the people. The administration’s aim is to make the residents realize that they are here to coordinate with the government to improve their standard of living in due course.
  • To achieve progress in any sphere, the people’s confidence, if not the consent, is required. Knowing pretty well about, Illinois moved its coin in the right direction and urged the people to remain accountable and to strive for maximization of output in their chosen profession.
  • The following points may be of valid reference to the readers:

1) Illinois, as per the policy laid out by the American Government, is stressing on achieving highest standard in education.

2) America is known for excelling in education, especially in science and technology.

3) The State made it clear that the children in the age group of three and above must be admitted in schools and colleges.

4) Despite emerging with landmark results in education, the government is in a quandary when it comes to meeting the target of 100 per cent in academic field.

5) A recent survey disclosed that many students who are pursuing education in college are opting to drop-out due to reasons best known to them. They compound the problem by not collecting their professional certificates.

6) The residents in Illinois always preferred to live in joint-family system. They include relatives, guests and spinsters, widowed and separated women. The elders in the family divide the work, according to their caliber.

7) Interestingly, 27.1 per cent grand-parents are not married here, but preferred to lead a live-in-relationship.

8) The children are at ease with their grand-parents than of their parents. Here, the grand-mothers outnumber the grand-fathers in displaying alacrity and playing a meaningful role.

9) Illinois protects the physically-challenged people. The government pays special attention to the old and invalid people.

10) Civilians are playing a constructive role for the development of the State. The government also involves the veterans possessing h impeccable credentials.

11) The government has introduced more libraries, keeping the benefit of the poor, downtrodden and toiling masses in mind.

12) The government has realized that it is imperative on their part to fulfill the aspirations of the residents, who have settled down in Illinois from various parts of the world.

13) Illinois knows that the residents' involvements are required for building the State slowly, steadily, but surely.

14) The people in Illinois feel that they cannot have the best of both the summer and winter under one roof. For instance, it is the duty of the residents to feel that it is also their duty to work for the betterment of the state whenever it is in dire-straits and crying for their attention.

15) Illinois is aware that unless the people around the government know about the happenings on day-to-day basis, it is well-nigh-impossible on their part to come to a conclusion about their duties and responsibilities.

16) It is indeed an interesting sign that many people, especially the residents in the age group of 65 and above are living alone with utmost courage and composure. Interestingly, the women outwit men here too, when it comes to tackling sensitive and burning issues with aplomb.

17) The government, considering the encouraging sign from the residents have launched a website detailing about the availability of shops and establishments, religious places for worships, entertainment, availability and essential commodities, etc, etc, in a hand-shaking distance from their residences.

18) Illinois has improved its infrastructure facilities, bearing the transparency factor in mind.

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