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  • Idaho adopts a low profile. The State, however, has not lost its appeal and importance in serving the needs of its people. The residents are aware of the daunting task ahead of the government in meeting their requirements in time, if they are faced with financial crunch every now and then.
  • The following points will explained to the readers about the achievements of the government:

1) Idaho is paying maximum attention to provide quality education to its residents in a systematic and orchestrated manner.

2) The government’s order stipulates that children ranging from the age group of three and above are required to pursue their education in schools, including nursery and kindergarten and in colleges.

3) The administration is surprised to hear that many students discontinue their education in college after sometime. They are also shocked to note that such students also do not bother to collect their academic certificates.

4) Keeping the exigency of the situation in mind, Idaho has increased the number of libraries for the benefit of students, and especially, to the poor and underprivileged.

5) It has also been brought to the notice of the government that the women, who have delivered babies before the cut-off year 2007, are omitted from the data list. They immediately took steps to set right things in order.

6) Idaho is addressing the problem of physically-challenged people in right earnest. The handicapped people are reciprocating the noble gesture of the government by extending their assistance to them in all possible manners.

7) The joint-family system gains prominence here, though the city has made rapid strides in computer-oriented technology.

8) A family comprises couple, their children, relatives and guests. They also make it a point of accommodating the spinsters, widowed and separated women within the family.

9) The old people, especially in the age group of 65 and above are not averse to leading a life of their own. Here, the women are far ahead of men in withstanding oppression, if any, with remarkable courage. They also help the government in the development process within their limit.

10) The civilians, especially their beloved veterans in the age group of 65 and above are performing the given task with rare aplomb. The government is confident of entrusting the crucial responsibilities to them for deliverance in time.

11) As many as 27.1 per cent are unmarried grand-parents. Despite the handicap, they are shielding and nurturing many kids as their own children and grand-children.

12) It is a general perception that many children are comfortable with their grand-parents than of their parents. Idaho is also not an exception in this regard. As a matter of fact, many kids feel free to mingle more with their grand-mothers than of grand-parents.

13) Idaho’s growth is unprecedented, more so, in the past five years. The State, without an iota of doubt, owes its success to the sustained hard-work of the residents.

14) The government has been thrilled to observe the enthusiasm of the residents in helping the administration to keep the city clean.

15) Though Idaho is doing its best under trying circumstances, it is aware of high expectations from the people without any interruption.

16) The administration has to keep abreast of the developments round-the-clock.

17) Idaho also has to cater to the interests of people from overseas. It is imperative on their part to provide food, cloth and shelter to them without any break. They are also expected to keep a track on the deprived people.

18) The government, considering the pros and cons of the situation, has launched a website to announce its plans and programmes for the welfare of its residents.

19) Idaho has emphasized on infrastructure facilities. The government has made provisions for shopping, religious places for worship, entertainment, and healthcare facilities available nearer to their residences.

20) The government has streamlined its functioning to remain transparent.

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