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  • What a lovely place Georgia is! That is what the people, who visited the wonderful state, had whispered. There is no second thought about it.
  • Georgia has more than adequate houses. The state prides itself in safeguarding the interests of its residents with utmost care and sincerity. The citizens, too, take part in the welfare activities of the government with renewed vigour.
  • The following points may be of interest to the viewers, who are longing to visit this lovely place in United States of America:

1) Georgia attaches importance to providing quality education to its citizens. It is organized in such a way that a visitor will be find it easy to grasp the state’s meticulous functioning, as far as academic activities are concerned.

2) The government ensures that the result-oriented education reaches children from the age group of three and above.

3) The administration is, however, worried over the fact that some of the students do not bother to receive their certificates after completing their education in the college.

4) Keeping the above alarming scenario in mind, the government has initiated measures to increase the number of libraries in a phased manner.

5) Georgia also astonished to note that some of the students are discontinuing their education in the midst of their career.

6) The bonhomie between the residents in Georgia is amply evident.

7) The State believes in voicing its opinion vociferously in favour of the joint-family system.

8) In Georgia, people find, much to their surprise, that array of men are living with their wives and children in complete harmony. They are also joined by their relatives, guests and spinsters, widowed and separated women.

9) It is apparent everywhere women are protecting and nurturing the kids more than their husbands. Georgia is also not an exception.

10) The grand-children are also displaying their warmth and affection more towards their grand-mothers than of their grand-fathers.

11) In Georgia, many men and women are leading a lonely life. For instance, the residents in the age group of 65 and above are brave enough to safeguard themselves. They are also ready to assist the government in whatever way possible.

12) The Civilians, especially the aged veterans also play a crucial role for the development of Georgia.

13) Georgia is aware of the problems faced by the physically-challenged people. Accordingly, they have chalked out a concrete plan to take care of their requirements on day-to-day basis.

14) The handicapped people also are trying their level best to be of help to the government by alerting them about the untoward incidents, if any.

15) Though Georgia is following the 2007 census, it is not averse to accommodating the women, who have delivered babies in the previous year.

16) The government is a firm believer in preserving its age-old values and ancient tradition in a systematic and orchestrated manner. Though it imbibes the budding youth about the need to be computer savvy in this 21st century and globalised era, they are urging them to adhere to the moral virtues and principles taught by their parents and grand-parents.

17) Georgia is aware that it has to cater to the interests of people from various walks of life, especially to the overseas residents, who are relying on their efficient governance for their survival and acceleration during the course of time.

18) The Government, bearing this in mind, has launched a website recently to facilitate the process for shopping, entertainment, religious prayers and discourses.

19) Infrastructure facilities are abundant in Georgia. The government is also taking steps in the right direction to remain transparent.

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