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  • Florida has its own charm. People, especially, the tourists flock around here to have a minute view of this tiny district. Seven years ago, the State proudly displayed that it possess 7077123 houses with an average of 2.4 per cent residents.
  • The government is monitoring the work of their departments round-the-clock. They make sure that the residents, especially the foreigners are not stuck with array of problems. They take steps to address their chronic problem on day-to-day-basis in right earnest.

The following points may be noted:

1) Florida is worried over the fact that though it is initiating measures to provide education to the children from the age of three and above, many students are not inclined to continue their studies after pursuing their education for a considerable period in the college.

2) They are also not keen on getting their degree certificates. Bearing this in mind, the government has taken steps to increase the number of libraries to improve the quality of education.

3) In the olden days, men were the sole bread-winners of the families. The situation has changed diametrically now. For instance, the women have outnumbered men in taking care of their children. Even when it comes to single parentage attention, it is the women, who stole the show over the men.

4) It is unfortunate to note that joint-family system is getting disintegrated slowly, steadily, but surely in most of the places.

5) But Florida has proved beyond that it cannot be treated on par with many indifferent countries, who are immune to this sensitive issue. In many residences here, couples live in harmony with children, relatives and guests.

6) Importantly enough, they do not ignore the survival of the spinsters, widowed and separated women in the family.

7) Like in many places, 1975856 people in Florida are living alone without rancor. Out of them, 762802 have crossed the age of 65 and above. They have, however, no grievances for being left alone.

8) On the contrary, they feel that it has become a boon for them, as it provides them an opportunity to serve the nation in whatever possible manner without any hindrance or obstacle.

9) It is important to note that though many women have delivered babies in 2006, prior to the sensex figure taken a year later, they are treated as part of the State.

10) Florida, as a matter of fact, goes out of the way to ensure that they are taken care of like any other citizen.

11) Florida takes care of physically-challenged residents meticulously, especially the people who are above 65 and above.

12) The physically-handicapped people reciprocate the gesture of the government by taking active part in socio-related programmes concerning the government on a day-to-day basis and help the administration in facilitating the process.

13) Development is the key factor for the people here, irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion. They also focus on participatory process in a fine-tuned manner.

14) The government also stresses the fact that old habits die hard. They do not want the people to forget their age-old traditions that connect them to Florida and America, though the youth are enmeshed in this 21st century, globalised and computerized era.

15) Florida has launched a website to keep abreast of the developments in the State for the benefit of the residents with relevant information on various issues ranging from shopping centres, hospitals, entertainment to worship places and et al.

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