District of Columbia Profile


  • Columbia district’ population is at the barest minimum. If one dates back to 2007, there were only 249805 houses with an average of 2.2 residents.
  • Columbia attracts people from all over the world. This beautiful state is well manned by an able administration.
  • The following points may be taken into consideration:

1) The people here are eager to render their service to the government in some or other way.

2) The residents here help out each other to find a solution to their problem, apart from the government’s willingness to lend a ready hand to their needs.

3) The women here handle the family situation admirably, more than the men. For instance, if in 3518 families males were the sole bread winner, 22666 females outwit them with utmost ease in managing the domestic chore and outdoor duties to bring their children and grand-children to greater heights.

4) In Columbia too, the old people in the age group of 65 and above are leading a life of their own without any assistance from their children and grand-children.

5) They have, however, no regrets and pride themselves in rendering social service for the welfare of the nation. 26338 residents opine that it has proved to be a blessing-in-disguise for them, as it provides an opportunity for them to lead their life happily and without rancor.

6) According to them, blood relationship is not the only worthwhile relationship in life.

7) The district also depicts the residents’ belief in joint-family systems. For example, the couples, children, their relatives and guests live happily in a house.

8) Importantly, they do not neglect the spinsters, widowed and separated women in their families.

9) They evolve a concrete strategy to improve their standard of living and brush up their ability during the course of time.

10) The government has taken steps to protect the interest of the physically-challenged people, especially the old-timers meticulously.

11) They are also engaging them to play a constructive role for the development of the nation at rapid pace.

12) Columbia gives top priority to education.

13) Since, America has attained dizzy heights in academic field, especially in science and technology, the government here feels that it is a daunting task on their part to provide quality education at affordable fees to the students.

14) The realization has also dawned on the administrators here equal attention is needed to make the students from abroad comfortable and feel at home.

15) They also have to bear in mind the importance of socio-economic scenario and the environment factor.

16) The government sees to it that the children from the age of three and above are admitted in schools and colleges, but they wonder, how come it is possible for majority of the students to leave the college in a huff?

17) The administration here, much to their chagrin and dismay found that some students do not even finds it necessary to ask for their degree certificates after pursuing their education in colleges.

18) Realising the exigency of the situation, the government has introduced more libraries in educational institutions.

19) The civilians are playing an important role for the betterment of the State.

20) It may be noted that 100 per cent of the civilian veterans are capable of improving the per-capital of Columbia with aplomb.

21) The Government is also taking note of the problems confronting the residents, especially the people from overseas countries, as far adjustment, adaptability, surroundings and environmental aspects.

22) The government emerges with thumping success, as far as infrastructure facilities are concerned.

23) Columbia emphasizes on transparency. Bearing this mind, the government has launched a website to announce its residents about the setting-up hospitals, shopping centres, religious places for worshippers, entertainment, based on cinema, art and culture, availability of essential commodities, and other essential commodities.

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