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  • Delaware has created excellent bond between the residents for a considerable period and continues to do so. If one goes back to 2007, the State had 321748 homes with the average of 2.57 per cent.
  • The renowned State has become a home for many people from all over the world not only due to its proximity to the United States of America, but also because of the reason that Delaware has provided food, cloth, shelter, apart from employment to the residents to enable them to lead their life with dignity.

The following points may be considered for the benefit of residents:

1) Delaware has also proved beyond doubt like other states in America that the women play a more important role than the men in protecting their wards.

2) Not only their kids even their grand-children are finding themselves comfortably placed in the hands of their grand-mothers than of their grand-fathers.

3) Even the women who are leading a lonely life are taking care of their children’s needs and fulfill their genuine requirements.

4) Though the parents protect their children with warmth and affection, they do not give them any room for flattering or complacency. Instead, they advise their kids time and again that there is no substitute for hard work.

5) Their preaching implies that there is always a scope for improvement.

6) The state is showing utmost sympathy for the old people who are compelled to lead a lonely life, especially for the residents, who are in the age group of 65 to 70.

7) The Government is devising a viable strategy to redress their grievances. But the old people, on the other hand, are not scared.

8) They are ready to withstand the onslaughts with dogged-determination. The old people are ready to serve the state and the nation as per their capability.

9) The disability is causing considerable concern to the Delaware government.

10) They are according special priority to the physically-challenged people in employment, accommodation and similar other facilities.

11) The handicapped people, in turn, are gearing up to work for the development of the nation, in whichever way possible.

12) The government is providing quality education to the children from the age group of three and above in schools and colleges.

13) However, it is being brought to their notice that many students after pursuing their education in college for some time are not interested to collect their degree certificates.

14) Seldom had they realized that certificates are treated as a supporting document when they apply for a job.

15) Keeping the gravity of the situation in mind, Delaware has arranged to open more libraries for the benefit of the students.

16) The civilian people, more so the old residents are rendering a worthwhile service to the nation with their impeccable credentials.

17) Delaware also believes in family-oriented system.

18) Even though the men outnumber the women as head of the families, it is the women, who bear the brunt of physical and domestic work round the clock.

19) A couple derives pleasure in living with their children, relatives and guests. At the same time, they do not forget the importance of giving shelter to the spinsters, divorced and separated women.

20) The elders in the family allot the work to each and every individual, according to their managing capacity.

21) The government as per the census found that many women have delivered babies one year before 2007.

22) Undaunted by the reverse, Delaware has allowed them to remain as residents of the city and ensured that the hapless females did not face any attack from the vested interests.

23) The well-known city is also aware of the problems many communities, especially the people from overseas countries are expected to face.

24) Accordingly, they have provided facilities required by the residents from various walks of life. The government has also arranged to provide the people necessary facilities at their near-by residences, focusing on infrastructure.

25) Delaware always strives hard to remain transparent in their governance.

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