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  • Connecticut in America is known for rendering its yeoman service to the residents for a long time. Seven years ago, that is in 2007, it had only 1323431 homes with an average of 2.55

per cent.

  • The state connects people from various walks of life in a systematic and orchestrated manner. The government also facilitates the process of communities from all walks of life. Everything is available here at round the clock.
  • The following points are appended:

1) America excels in education, especially in science and technology. Bearing this in mind, Connecticut ensures that their students get quality education right from the age of three.

2) The government feels that it is imperative on their part to introduce more libraries for the benefit of students in the long-run.

3) The people in this state are used to living alone. For instance, 359222 people are leading a life of their own, and, out of which, 134657 have attained the age of 65 and above.

4) The kids are relying more on their grand-parents than of their parents in taking steps to build-up their career. The statistics also revealed that it is the grand-parents, especially, the grand-mothers, who are playing a stellar role in bringing up their grand-children.

5) Most importantly, it is the lonely grand-mother, who emerges with scintillating performances than of the lonely grand-father.

6) People here preferred to lead a joint-family system. They would like to adhere to their old age ancient civilian culture, while adopting themselves to the nuances of the 21st century in this modern and globalised era.

7) Men top the list, followed by their wives, children, relatives and the guests. If the male members comprise 39.2 per cent of the occupation, women are left with 20 per cent.

8) Importantly, they do not neglect the spinsters, widowed women and separated ladies in their accommodation. All of them are assigned a relevant role with a stringent target by the head of the family.

9) The civilians are playing a crucial role for the welfare of the nation. Many beloved veterans are rendering a useful service within the time frame set by the government.

10) The government rules clearly stipulate that the women who have delivered babies in 2006 are not to be sidelined. Steps were taken to rope them into the main stream.

11) Connecticut pays enough attention to redress the grievances of physically-challenged people, if any.

12) Interesting enough, 27 per cent grand-parents are unmarried. They are taking care of the children, especially the orphanage with utmost warmth and affection.

13) It is difficult to understand, but a harsh reality that a large number of students after pursuing their education in colleges, do not bother to get their degree certificates.

14) The government is initiating measures to find out the shortcomings before addressing the drop-out students to continue their academic institutions without bothering about the fee structure.

15) The government is aware of the problem plaguing the people, who have settled down from overseas countries for employment needs.

16) They make them feel free and try to find out their requirements in totality.

17) The employment service functions with renewed vigour and generates jobs for people from various walks of life, according to their age, qualification and experience.

18) Importantly, the government also ensures that the cost of living does not shoot up alarmingly, without compromising the standard of living of the residents.

19) Connecticut has launched a website to inform the services provided by the government. For instance, if a devotee wants to offer his/her worship to the Almighty the process will be facilitated to them in a phased manner.

20) America is known for its penchant for providing effective communication to the people. This city is following the footsteps of Obama government by providing easy communication access to the people.

21) The government here also paved way for availability of essential materials in a hand-shaking distance.

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