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  • Colorado will give a lasting impression to the people who happened to visit the United States of America. The State provides a cosmopolitan atmosphere to the residents with its excellent surroundings and ambience.
  • A report emanating from Colorado states that the State has 1838303 homes with an average resident of 2.53 per cent in 2007. Here also, like in most of the places, women outnumber men in taking care of their children.
  • Even if the situation warrants divorced and separated women, like many men to lead a lonely life, they take more care in protecting and nurturing their wards.

The following points may be taken into consideration:

1) It may be noted that in Colorado, children much more attached to their grand-parents, especially to their grand-mothers. Here also, the kids feel more comfortable in the company of their grand-mothers than of their grand-fathers.

2) Their Nannis teach them the positive impact of moral values and teaches them to play a pivotal role for the development of the nation.

3) They also ensure that their pottas and potties do not sacrifice their traditional age-old culture, while learning to become good Samaritans and accountable to the cherished values of their country in this 21st century and globalised era.

4) The interesting feature in this State is 520887 people are not averse to living alone. Out of which 133580 have the age of 65 and above are daring enough to proclaim that they can take care of the country without any security around.

5) In Colorado, the residents prefer to lead a joint-family life, which has become outdated even in some old-fashioned and conservative countries.

6) There is undoubtedly male members will be the major occupants with 39.5 per cent, followed by their better-halves with 19.8 per cent.

7) The children, relatives and the guests also compete with them for space within the house. Most importantly, the family does not neglect the spinsters, widowers and the women who were separated.

8) They all play a constructive role for the welfare of the family and make each other answerable in their day-to-day work.

9) The State has maintained a clean slate so far that those women who have delivered babies in 2006, prior to the sensex figure a year later, are not looked at as untouchables.

10) Colorado gives priority to the enrolment of children aged three and above in schools, including nurseries, pre-schools and kindergartens.

11) However, the government is still unable to find out the reasons behind the drop of studies by some students while pursuing their education in colleges.

12) Strangely, they are also willing to receive their degree certificates for the reasons best known to them.

13) The civilian population is residing the State with bubbling enthusiasm. Out of 3567568 people, 415502 are veterans, known for their reputation and integrity.

14) Colorado is known for assisting the physically-challenged people in all possible manners. The Government is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their food, cloth and shelter are taken care of in the best possible manner.

15) If the government notices any disparity emanating in their treatment, they do not hesitate to punish the wrong-doers.

16) Colorado government has initiated measures to see that all communities live in harmony. They have launched a website to post on issues concerning people from all walks of life.

17) Right from shopping to attending religious functions, the government caters to the interest of the residents, irrespective of their caste, creed, community and religion.

18) The government has maintained the connectivity level between them and the residents at the highest level. The people living in this State need not have to fear about the infrastructure facilities. The government also increased the number of libraries for the benefit of students.

19) In the ultimate analysis, Colorado is not found wanting in transparency.

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