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  • If beauty provokes thieves sooner than gold, California cannot escape from it. The lovely state and its capital Sacramento’s ambience have mesmerized the tourists. There is an old saying that United States of America without California is like a ship without a rudder.
  • As we are well aware, Los Angeles is the largest city in California with a sizable population of 3,773,846 eight years ago, that is in 2006. However, the population survey revealed that Sacramento had an estimated figure of 36,457,549.

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The following points will make a world of difference to the residents:

1) It may be interesting to note that California has a nick name, like for most of the human beings.

2) It is also being addressed as “Golden State” and its state anthem is “I love you California”.

3) The State is also famous for its renowned flower ‘Golden Poppy. Like national birds everywhere, California has a state bird called ‘California Valley Quail’.

4) Incidentally, California was admitted as 31st state to the Union on September 9, 1850.

5) If we look at California, the State has 12140888 homes with the average of only 2.92 residents.

6) California is also not an exception when it comes to women leading the men in providing succor as a sole parent of children bracketed under 18,

7) If 333654 females individually are exhorting the kids to rise to the occasion, their male counterparts are paling into comparison and insignificance with only 88643 are instilling confidence in the minds of the children, who are likely to become leaders of the nation tomorrow.

8) There is no iota of doubt that the old people are bold enough to lead a lonely life, compared to the youth.

9) For instance, although, 9766933 residents have attained the age of 65 and more, they are inclined to move ahead like budding youngsters during the course of time.

10) The men are ahead of women in population as per the recording of statistical details. For example, 34.3 per cent are men and 17.1 percent are their life partners.

11) Not to be left behind are 11454794 children and 5773772 people are split into relatives and guests.

12) At the same time they do not fail to realize the importance of accommodating 731636 spinsters, divorced and separated women.

13) A report circulated in 2007 at California stated that 519478 women had delivered babies in the previous year.

14) Like in most of the cities and towns, 941848 people are taking care of their grand-children with utmost sincerity, warmth and affection in California,

15) True to their tradition, the youth in the State reciprocate with accolades of affection towards their grand-parents, more than their parents.

16) Here too, 61.8 per cent of the grand-mothers are outwitting their husbands, while protecting and nurturing their grand-children before preparing them to play a pivotal role for nation-building.

17) Interestingly enough, 28 per cent of the grand-parents are unmarried.

18) As many as 10341546 kids in the age group of three and above were admitted in schools, including nursery, pre-school and kindergarten.

19) It is still a mystery that many students who are pursuing education at the college level are not keen on procuring degree certificates to build up their career.

20) California government can indulge in pride, as far as civilian population is concerned.

21) For instance, out of residents comprising 26726775, 100 per cent, that is 2152091 legends are capable of proving their proficiency with aplomb

22) The Government always keeps it in their agenda, the need to safe-guard the interests of handicapped persons, and, more so, for the people who have crossed the age of 65 with necessary facilities.

23) California caters to the interests of people, irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion frequently.

24) The Government also identifies the interest of the people through its website on various subjects, ranging from hotels, shopping, cinema to weather forecast, prices of essential commodities, et al.

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