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  • Arkansas solves the problem of its people in its own inimitable style. The State is aware that they are expected to cater to the requirements of people from various walks of life with varied life-style and interests.
  • Importantly, the interest of the United States of America and its sustained reputation and impeccable credibility has to be borne in mind.

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  • The following points are listed for the benefit of residents:

1) The State emerges with flying colours in fulfilling the requirements of its people.

2) For instance, seven years ago, that is in 2007, Arakansas had a mere 1096622 residents with an average of 2.49 per cent.

3) When it comes to shielding and nurturing residences, women excel over their men.

4) For example, only in 24436 homes, men were the sole parent of children below 18, whereas 85043 women are manning the homes alone with their children.

5) Arkansas, just like Alaska and Alabama had provided glimpses of how 65-year-old people and above are managing to reside alone, without having to encounter the problem of confronting the wrong-doers.

6) They are aware that the government is ready to provide them any assistance required by them without delay.

7) This positive aspect, in a congenial atmosphere, emboldens them to make useful contributions to the government in a congenial atmosphere.

8) It may be noted that out of the residential population that comprises 2725899, 40.2 per cent are men, while 20.6 per cent are their wives.

9) Here children also play an important role, as they comprise 780645 and their relatives account for 165855.

10) It is imperative to mention that 47033 women, including widowers, separated and spinsters are expected to occupy the available space.

11) It is pertinent to remember that 40598 women in the age group of 15-50 have become proud mothers in 2006.

12) Like in many states of America, Arkansas has a marvelous record of 63746 couples residing with their grand-children amicably.

13) Interestingly, about 27 per cent of the grand-parents are unmarried.

14) Here too, the grand-mothers overhaul grand-fathers when it comes to protecting their grand-children in a fine-tuned manner.

15) In Arkansas, 703521 children in the age of group of three and above have enrolled in schools, ranging from primary to nursery and pre-schools.

16) As many as 661218 students that is 35.9 per cent have attained their degrees.

17) It is heartening to note that the civilian population comprises 2103387 in this State. Out of which, 256756 veterans are known for their impeccable credentials.

18) Arkansas is also looking after the interests of physically-challenged people, and especially, the people who are above 65 with utmost care and dedication throughout day and night.

19) The State has taken steps in the right direction to make the people feel free.

20) The government has ensured that essential commodities are available to the people within their reach.

21) It also enables the people to offer their worship without any hindrance.

22) Arkansas also ensures that infrastructure and development process do not face any lacunae in meeting the aspirations of the people.

22) The basic necessities and entertainment needs of the people are monitored time and time and provided to them at the need of the hour.

23) The government is also aware of the importance of increasing the number of libraries to make sure that the students are in a position to update their progress meticulously.

24) In the ultimate analysis, the government’s dedicated internet system provides valuable services on various information to the residents of Arkansas.

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