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  • Arizona needs no introduction to the people, especially in United States of America. The State has carved out a niche for itself in providing assistance to the people in various ways. Seven years ago, that is in 2007, there were only 2215761 residents with a meager average of 2.73 per cent.
  • Like in Alaska, Alabama, here too, the women out-numbered their men as the sole parent of children under 18. For instance, about 160002 women are reported as sole guardians of children, compared to only 59,516 recorded in favour of men.

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  • The following points may be noted:

1) It seems living alone has become a common practice for the aged people, especially to the people, who have crossed 65.

2) It is being noted that out of the total population of 6042761, 36.7 per cent are male members, while 18.2 per cent are their better-halves.

3) The occupants also comprise 1850434 children and 475194 relatives.

4) They are also required to accommodate about 141042 unmarried partners.

5) In Arizona, the statistics point out the out of 2384373 men, 807808 are bachelors.

6) A large number of men have either divorced or taken separation from their life partners.

7) When it comes to women 26.1 per cent remained as spinsters and 25 per cent of them were either divorced or separated. Out of 2408710 unmarried women, 32445 had delivered babies in 2006.

8) There is a story gaining ground that people have penchant for their grand-children more than their sons and daughters. The grand-children also reciprocate favourably towards their grand-parents.

9) Here too, 6.4 per cent are women and proud grand-mothers. Interestingly, about 29 per cent of them are unmarried.

10) In Arizona, 1613255 children ranging from three year and above have enrolled in schools, including primary, nursery and kindergarten.

11) However, many students, despite attending colleges are failing to opt for degree certificates.

12) It may be noted that the civilian population in Arizona comprises is 4511396. Out of which, 557867 are veterans with remarkable efficiency.

13) The Government has initiated measures to cater to the interests and for the development of physically-abled people in a sustained manner.

14) They have also taken steps for orderly worship of devotees belonging to various communities. Efforts were on to increase the number of libraries and non-profit organizations during the course of time.

15) Arizona realizes the importance of generating employment for all sections of people.

16) They are exhorting the ministers and bureaucrats to redress the grievances of people, if any, by averting red-tapism and bureaucratic bungling in a forthright manner.

17) The government is leaving no stone unturned to provide more than adequate information and valuable entertainment, especially to the old people and to the overseas communities to make them feel that they are at home.

18) They are perhaps right, as the old adage suggests “when you are in Rome, you live like a Roman”.

19) The administrators would like the people living in Arizona to have a similar feeling.

20) Also they would like the people residing in the state to come to a conclusion that they are part of the government building and participatory process in due course.

21) The realization has perhaps prompted the Government in Arizona to open a website to dish out information on various subjects, pertaining to the requirements of the people like a well-oiled machine.

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