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  • The overall population in Alaska is now a mere, 6,06,022, not even one-tenth of any of our city or town in India or China. You will find it interesting to note that in this dynamic State of America, there were only, 2,33,861 residences in 2007, with the average house had only 2.8 owners/tenants.
  • The following points were taken into consideration before analyzing the needs of the people:

1) It is important to note that out of 6,06,222 people, 15 per cent, that is, 90,855 people were physically-challenged.

2) It is disheartening to learn that 57,298 people are leading a life of their own, though the reports suggest that especially the people who are above 65 are bold enough to take care of their day-to-day activity in a phased manner.

3) Alaska gladdens the heart of the people as far as education is concerned.

4) For instance, the schools in the State have enrolled 1,88.536 kids in the age group of three years and above. What satisfies the government over there is the enrolment of 100 per cent children in educational institutions.

5) The standard of education here is of par-excellence with the teachers, lecturers and students are striving to achieve rapid growth at regular intervals.

6) There is unity in diversity. Alaska is not an exception. In a huge family, even the non-relatives and unmarried partners are welcome to share their knowledge and experience with each other.

7) Harsh reality has dawned on them that they cannot claim to be experts in all subjects.

8) Most of the families take pride in revealing that they are ironing out their shortcomings in a methodical manner.

9) Alaska does not distinguish orphaned children and students. It does not believe in treating widowed women and legally separated with children as untouchables.

10) The State goes out of the way to encourage such children to pursue their career in education with redoubled vigour.

11) It is pertinent to note that as many as 59 per cent of the women are living with their grand children alone in Alaska and ensures that their education does not get hampered in anyway.

12) Here, some children have completed their education in college, but it is quite strange to hear that they do not bother to hold a degree.

13) Alaska provides equal importance to theoretical as well as practical courses for students to complete their academic career successfully.

14) The State also takes steps to impart training on employment for the students while undergoing their curriculum activities during their spare time.

15) The popular State has volley of libraries for the students to whet their appetite and to indulge in food-for-thought.

16) Alaska, with array of churches, has proved to be a blessing-in-disguise for the religious people, who are inclined to offer their worship in a congenial atmosphere.

17) Similarly, sports, films, entertainment, animal and environment lovers find enough time to enjoy their weekly holidays, according to their likes and dislikes.

18) Lovers also find ample time for dating and to indulge in merry-making The State has provided a free-flowing atmosphere to the people from various walks of life.

19) Alaska has become a permanent home for many people, irrespective of caste, creed, community and religion.

20) “Sky is the limit here” proclaims the people connected with the government, so far as the warmth and affection among the people and immense facilities are concerned.

21) In a nutshell, Alaska may be addressed as a “people friendly government”, say the residents of the State without mincing words.

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