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  • Statistics are indeed revealing, especially when it relates to Alabama. It is a tiny little State in United States of America.About 4,94,796 people are leading the destiny of their lives separately, out of which 1,78,279 residents have attained the age of 65 and above.
  • However, it is futile to compare the scenario with 2007, when only 1798304 homes were in existence and the average residents did not exceed 2.48 per cent.

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  • The following points may be of immense assistance to know more about Alabama

1) A recent survey in Alabama gave a crystal clear information that men were the sole parent of children under 18 in 35,241 residences, whereas the figure has been considerably reduced to 1,51,238 in the recent time.

2) It is important to know that out of the residents of 4,467216, about 40.3 per cent are men, while 20 per cent are their better-halves. Children comprise 1317941 and 164493 people belonged to relatives.

3) They share the available space with oneness by displaying immense camaraderie among themselves.

4) They also see to it that Spinsters, widowers and separated women do not face any ordeal or inconvenience from the vested interests.

5)In Alabama, 25,408 women, who are left in the lurch, are protecting their children with renewed vigour single-handedly.

6) The State emerges with impressive performance in the educational field every year.

7) The academic curriculum is so flexible here that the students are provided with an opportunity to pursue their education, as well as a sting in employment-training in their academic year.

8) The time-table has been devised to suit the convenience of the children, too.

9) Like in most of the cities and towns, the grand-parents are playing a considerable role in the welfare of their grand-children.

10) The grand-parents provide more comfort-zones to their grand-children and their chemistry with them, outwits their relationship with their sons and daughters.

11) It may be noted that 1,11,591 people are living with their grand-children. Here too, the women outnumber men, as it is heartening to note that not less than 64 per cent are grand-mothers.

12) Interestingly, 30 per cent of the grand-parents are unmarried.

13) In Alabama, as many as 1165158 children, who are pursuing education are three years and above in schools and colleges.

14) About 32.3 per cent of the students are graduates.

15) It is strange, but a fact that 601540 students have had their education in colleges, but they did not attach importance to secure their degrees.

16) The city boosts of aged civilian population comprising 3455489 in number.

17) They are playing a meaningful role in the development of Alabama,

18) The veteran civilians attach time-bound implementation of plans and programmes devised by their government.

19) Alabama government has chalked out a yeoman strategy to assist the physically-challenged people in various age-groups.

20) The State is aware of their ability, requirements and their inclination to work for the betterment of not only their State, but also of America in a worthwhile manner.

21) The State connects people with varied interests in its unique way.

22) For instance, the government makes it comfortable and provides access to the people, who are desirous of achieving their goal/ target in a systematic and orchestrated manner.

23) Alabama provides information at regular intervals on the prevailing cinema trends, weather conditions, locations of restaurants and sits working hours with relevant benefits.

24) The Government also plays a pivotal role on the employment and price front when it informs the people about the availability of jobs for various positions and exhorts the residents to keep a track on the price rise, if any.

25) Alabama is aware that the residents are facing accommodation problem.

26) The State empowers the Real Estate barons to act in the interest of the buyers by arranging to sell their houses/lands at affordable rates.

27) The Internet provides all sorts of information required by the people on day-to-day basis without any interruption.

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