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Discount Health Plans vs Health Insurance

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Discount Health Plans vs Health Insurance

Employee Health Insurance coverage is increasing by 20-40% each year affecting employees and employer costs nationwide. Employers are by these high prices as most are unable to afford much of the cost leaving workers with High Insurance Premiums for dental and health.
Dental and Vision Insurance is typically the first benefits to go when small businesses drop employee benefits. Many dental insurance plans have annual limits and restrictions on services available, whereas with the discount plan the member pays at the time of service, and there are few restrictions and no annual limits on visits or services.

How to Get health Insurance Policies Online

Millions are dropping their Health Care Insurance Policies and switching to discount health care programs that provide a much-needed break on monthly premiums and offer deeply discounted care.
Unlike most Insurance Plans, a discounted dental and health plans member can choose from the many providers available and can change providers at any time.Ameriplan: Health Discount Companies like Ameriplan have growing networks of health care professionals and affordable dental and health programs for all. As an example, a dental, vision, Rx and chiropractic plan is less than $20 a month for the everyone in the family. Ameriplan has contracted with very well known providers for their members to use their programs. There are big savings on prescription drugs for American members who can save up to 50% or more at over 56,000 participating pharmacies.
Occasionally people have been hesitant to use Health Insurance alternatives because they were afraid they would have a lack of providers to use when the truth is Ameriplan has one of the largest networks of providers in the USA with over 400,000 providers in total.
The other benefits of these discounted dental and health plans are there are no age restrictions, no limits on visits or services, ongoing conditions are accepted and receive discounts and doctors can decide the best course of treatment for a patient without an Insurance Approval Company 
Small business can offer these discount health care programs to their employees without any cost to the company and no administrative burdens. Employers have the option of group billing and can deduct the plan costs from the employee's check, or they can only distribute the information and let the employees sign up for the program on their own.

User Calender 9 Aug 2016
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