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A Day at the Farmers Market – Atenas Costa Rica

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Yeah! we thought of traveling to farmers area in Costa Rica to see the status and study about their lifestyle. Actually how well we have explored the conditions while spending a complete day at the farmers market in Atenas Costa Rica.

Local Business Listing in Costa Rica | Farmers Market

Costa Rica, being close to the equator, is graced by having fresh fruits and veggies year round. With a 12 month growing season, there is always something for everyone. Once a week around the country (usually Fridays) all the local produce growers come together in their small towns to sell their weeks harvest in an open-air market setting. Every farmer's market I have visited is amazing. They come early to set up the tables, and everyone for miles comes to stock up on the weeks freshest offerings. After searching across local business listing in Costa Rica, I always hit the Friday Feria in Atenas for all my produce needs. I buy melons, pineapples, mangos, bananas, plantains, broccoli, jackets, spinach, lettuce, onions, whatever looks good that week, stock up on a supply of fresh herbs, all harvested that very morning, and go home to start cooking. Today I share a pictorial of the Atenas Friday market. As we investigate other markets in other towns, we will be posting similar pictorials.

Atenas Open Air Market - Melons and Papaya Costa Rica's Farmers Markets - Oranges, Kiwis, Pears, BlackBerries, Tangerines, Passion Fruit

Costa Rica Markets - Lettuce, Celery, Peppers, Cilantro, Cucumbers are the fresh produce just keeps going as far as the eye can seeFresh baked bread, cookies, pies, & Cakes is always on my weekly stop locally grown Costa Rica Organic Coffee fresh herbs is a must when doing the weekly shopping. And that’s any given Friday for me, hope you enjoyed tiptoeing through the market on this photo essay. Your culinary adventures in
free business listing in Costa Rica will not disappoint, I promise you this! Our other Foodie Correspondents will be posting photos soon of their local outdoor markets in a bit, stay tuned!

Ceviche | Directory Listing | The USA

Ceviche – Food of the Gods - Ceviche is a specialty throughout Latin America, and Costa Rica is no exception. Ceviche is raw seafood marinated in a citrus fruit and tossed with a variety of toppings. The acid in the citrus fruits cooks the fish slowly so in the end; you are not eating raw fish at all. Toppings in Costa Rican varieties are typically red onion, green onion, red pepper, and finished with fresh chopped cilantro though the ingredients can get creative.

The recipes change from country to country and place to place within directory listing in
USA but this is something you absolutely must try while you are here. In Costa, Rica Ceviche is typically marinated with either lime, or another fruit called Mandarin limes that grow here. Fish is the most common, but you can also find shrimp, mixed seafood, or vegetarian variates such as green plantain! This is all served with Corn Chips, Soda Crackers, or if the restaurant does your ceviche right, you will get them served with a side of Patacones. Patacones are green plantains, fried, squashed flat, and fried again. You end up with a full chip that is out of this world with a fresh bowl of Ceviche to go with it. It is also common to drop a little hot sauce on the dish to bring in some heat to the overall flavor profile.Don’t miss this Costa Rican favorite! Check out my Ceviche Recipe if you want to try this one at home.

User Calender 24 Sep 2016
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