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How to Find a Good Deal on a Hotel in Las Vegas

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How to Find a Good Deal on a Hotel in Las Vegas

Tips for Booking Cheap Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas

I have many ways to get a cheap rate at a Hotel in Las Vegas. The following information is provided to show you all the tips I can think of to help you get to Las Vegas Hotels. When I started in the travel industry people called all the time asking me to book these exciting destinations. Each time I booked I thought, man I would love to visit there. Well after visiting several of these places, though I still have many to go. I have found Las Vegas to be my prime destination.  I had a great time in Las Vegas. The sites to see are amazing and the weather is always warm.  I also secured an excellent deal on my hotel.  I got a discount rate.

The first tip is to go directly to the hotel’s website. You can sign up for a mailing list or a guestbook on each of them. They will usually send you deals on the rooms and you can get a cheap room directly from the hotel. Always plan your trip on a weekday. This is when the demand is low and the hotels are giving away rooms at Cheap Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas. They usually take their prices up on the weekends. Sometimes the prices go up as early as Thursday depending on the demand. The best way to get there is usually a Tuesday then you can leave on Thursday or Friday. When the demand is low, you get the cheapest rate. I also would suggest that you check out Allegiant Air. If you are near one of their terminals, you can get a really good rate on a flight to Las Vegas.

There are also several websites that advertise cheap hotels or Star Hotel in Las Vegas. These are the exact same rooms you can get from a hotel directly. What these sites do is buy in bulk. They call the hotel and strike a deal to book a certain amount of rooms every day for a discounted rate. They then mark up the rate but still keep it lower than the rate from the hotel directly. They then sell the room to you at a discount. They earn their money on the difference in the price they sell the room to you and what they get it from the hotel for. These sites involve the least amount of work when it comes to finding great rates.

The question of where to stay can be complicated to answer. If I was actually telling you where not to stay I would say the Stratosphere. It is way on the north end of the strip, and though cheap, is far away from everything. I like to stay as close to the center of the strip as possible. The Paris, Flamingo, Bally’s are all close to the center of the strip and are probably the best choice. For Cheap Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas, I would say the best bet is the Flamingo. It is a nice property, though it is sort of old, it usually has a good rate. The cheapest hotel at the center strip is Bill’s Gamblin Hall & Salon owned by Harrah’s. I have not outright suggested this hotel due to the fact that it has received some bad reviews. I just don’t know how much I trust them, the hotel is cheap and is in the prime location.

The trip to Las Vegas is one that will surely be of excitement. I also always tell people it is not as pricey as you think. You can get to Las Vegas and stay for a relatively low price. The best advice I can give is to book a room right away. When you decide to go, Booking Hotels in Las Vegas. Then what you do is shop around and see if you find lower prices.  If you do then let your booking site or agent know so they can match it. The problem with shopping around without something booked is that as rooms fill up the price generally rises. This is the law of supply and demand. If you book a rate, however, it is locked in, then if it drops almost any agent will attempt to match that lower rate.

User Calender 3 Oct 2017
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