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Which operates from this website, is an internet legal advisory service. It’s goal is to provide exceptionally fast and inexpensive quality legal advice to anyone in the world about matters, or toU.S.citizens and residents on any legal matte

Best Web Legal Advisor service Tips | free legal advice online idea  

Best Web Legal Advisor service Tips :- connections or non-U.S. law.All legal questions are submitted and all advice is rendered via internet e-mail.  Our goal is to provide answers to your legal questions for as little as $20.Our question submission page is at the end of this website. However, we urge you to read everything before it to fully understand the nature of our services, what we can or cannot do for you, and how we do it.Limitations on
Our ServicesAmerican attorneys are licensed on a state-by-state basis.There is no national license to practice law. All states have “unauthorized practice” rules which restrict attorneys to providing representation and legal advice only on matters which have a connection to a state in which they are licensed, to U.S. federal law, or to laws which are common to all states (“uniform laws”).   Presently, “ top Web Legal Advisors tips ” only includes lawyers licensed in the States of Georgiaand  California.  

best “Web Legal Advisors” has plans to expand its pool of licensed attorneys to include other states, with the most likely new inclusion being Texasand  Arizona.  We will keep our clients  and prospective clients advised through this website as new States are added to  our practice areas.To stay on the safe side of these rules, Web Legal Advisors takes a cautious approach.  Normally, when a client walks into a lawyer’s office, it will be considered the proper practice of law within that state for the lawyer to advise the client, regardless of what law is in issue or where the problem is.  Thus, we might take the view that clients or prospective clients who contact us over the internet have electronically “walked into the office” so that we could answer any question.  However, we consider it more prudent to recognize that this website will be available worldwide, and most of those who contact us will do so from their homes or offices.  

So,it could just as easily be said that we are making a “house call” to respond to you.  So, to be perfectly safe, we have made a decision to limit our client base to those with questions that fit certain categories.What We Can and Cannot Do For YouWe cannot possibly provide expertise in all areas of law in all places.  But what we do strive to do is answer every question that we are able to within 30 minutes of work.  But we are not going to give you a "half-baked" answer just to get the answer in 30 minutes.  If it is going to take more to get a competent, responsive answer to your question, we will let you know the cost, and you will have the option of whether to pay us to do
it, or simply have us refund your $20.  The choice will always be yours.  If you don't get an answer, you don't pay a thing.  That you can count on best idea and tips online top advisor .

User Calender 26 Sep 2016
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