Spend Thanksgiving Together - 41
Spend Thanksgiving Together - 41
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Posted on : 28 Nov 2014
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It's yet another holiday; another day and season when I'm reminded of just how alone I am, and how lonely I feel. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. There must be a woman out there right this moment that has given up on finding love, perhaps many times over. Maybe like me the fear of rejection paralyzes you into trying to live without sweet tender touches, caresses,and the feel of your lover's breath on your neck. Maybe you have some deep insecurity about your physical appearance, or even your personality. Maybe like me you find yourself awkward and inept in social situations. I'm not restaurant or wine savvy. I'm not clothes savvy or "artsy". Whatever happened, whatever your circumstances, you find yourself alone with only a gnawing endless ache as your constant companion. Just like I do. Could we perhaps find comfort in each other's arms on Thursday? We could stay in or go out. There doesn't have to be sex. Simply good conversation. Maybe a movie. Freedom to hold hands, permission to give random hugs. And the most intimate of acts: the chance to fall asleep in each other's arms. I guess I'm talking about a pressure-free date to allow both of us to actually enjoy a holiday so many take for granted. I want to say "no strings attached", but that is too pat. If we're both feeling it and wish to continue to date even somewhat casually, then let's give it a shot. Otherwise, we could become friends who know each other's secret pain. Hug buddies or the other more physical kind. We don't have to merge our lives and worlds, just enjoy a safe judgment-free space when we're alone. I'm African American, certain parts of my body are comfy in Size 14 clothing, others in Size 12. I'm more soft stud than femme. I'm VERY attracted to femmes. You'll have to host this Hug-fest, as my place is not conducive to privacy. I have my own ride. I can't spend much on putting this together, so a simple night works best for me. But see, this night is not about how we look or how successful we are. It's about two lonely souls connecting. My only requirements are that you are a lesbian or bi-sexual woman who would love being held by a stud. Please be single, drug-free and healthy. I don't care about your race or size, your educational background or professional affiliation. A lot of those superficial things are what's keeping us lonely. So will you spend Thanksgiving with me? Please reply with more than a sentence, maybe share a little of your situation if you're comfortable. This is last minute and the weather's supposed to be nasty so let's avoid drawn-out email-tag and check regularly for replies. As a general response: "No" to men, and no couples need contact me. it's ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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