Moving to Area SBM - 37
Moving to Area SBM - 37
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Arizona ,AZ
Posted on : 12 Nov 2014
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About Average
37 Years
First off, I would like to state that I am new to the area. I am moving here from the San Francisco Bay Area, Pittsburg, California to be more precise, I am book smart as well as street wise. My occupation is in Computer Technology, so I can be serious and let you know if you want someone who you think you can get over on... well I'm not that person. Now with that said, here is a little information about me: I am a strong, hardworking, loyal, kind, God fearing and reverence man. I may not attend church on a regular basis, but that does not diminish my relationship with God. We talk everyday and just like a child there are sometimes we don't see things accordingly. That is why I try not to lean to my own understanding.... but I am human and by such I am flawed. If you know of a good church in the area; that I can find the Bible being taught and preached, please let me know. I am 5'11" ft tall, weight 245lbs, muscular build, brown eyes, bald head, clean straight white teeth, groomed hands and feet ( no gay or bi tendency) health conscientious but no fanatic. I have a valid driver's license, registrated vehicle , conceal carry weapons permit ( Law Enforcement) and self sufficient. I ask that if we are friends then do not expect anything further. I realize that you have to start somewhere in a relationship and that friendship is the foundation. However if you are torn between staying with or leaving someone, then I make a great "brother". Because that's all we will be. I respect relationships and I am not seeking to destroy any. If you want to be a priority then make him your priority. As a man we are to give women, respect, affection, attention, let me re-phrase that un-divided attention , to which she receives mutlipies and gives back to a worthy man. Because in order to do that, a man has to show himself worthy to her. Now here is what I would like to establish; a friendship built on conmunication, honesty , open ness, and rooted in God. Like any good recipe, the key ingredient is always listed first. I seek a long term relationship with the story blossoming into a ful-filling marriage. Last; but not least : Disclaimer: the following is just a reference and not in anyway meant to offend or discriminate against the type of woman that I would like to move forward with. A self sufficient, open minded, full-figured woman ( meaning bustline, waist, hips, legs; all defined) active, single ( no stalking ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, ex-girlfriends, ex-or current "baby daddys") understanding of God's order in a relationship, and my favorite..... beautiful eyes. Now I am considered average height, I would like her to be as well ..... So if you have read this far ..... here is my name; Quentin.
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