The First Time Solo Travelling

The First Time Solo Travelling | Travelling Alone For The First Time | Guide For The Starters 

The First Time Solo Travelling
The First Time Solo Travelling

For starters, you don’t need that many things when you travel. A few sets of clothes, a camera, some reading material, and some toiletry basics. That’s pretty much it. I generally do laundry (hand washing) every couple of days and while some may consider that an inconvenience, it only takes me fifteen minutes or so, and I much prefer this to having a gigantic load to do after a couple of weeks. I also travel by laptop (currently a Mac Book air), which doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Thus, first time solo travel destinations I can use the extra room in my laptop bag for more clothes if needed. 

My setup consists of a laptop bag and a regular school backpack. Obviously, this backpack is considerably smaller than a rucksack and you are limited with how many things you can put in it. I have always been able to make it work, however. The advantages are clear, Travelling Alone For The First Time 

Firstly, you don’t have a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Secondly, you don’t have to worry about checking any bags, which saves you money and avoids the possibility that your bags will be lost.

Finally, having this setup greatly contributes to a certain freedom of movement. I never feel burdened when I am travelling in such a light manner.

Guide For The Starters

The First Time Solo Travelling
The First Time Solo Travelling The First Time Solo Travelling

How do I fit everything in? It’s actually easier than you think. Like I said above, you generally need much less than you think, even if you are traveling to developing world countries. If worse comes to worse, you can always buy things once you get there – and yes, you will be able to find just about everything (if you have super specific medicines or prescriptions then you might want to get those at home, but otherwise fear not).

When it comes to clothes, I use the roll as tight as possible method , Generally, this leaves your clothes free of wrinkles and it allows you to compress them to almost nothing. Seriously, try this out if you haven’t before – this strategy alone is what allows me to pack like this, even make your summer vacations better

Finally, I tie on a few thing As to my bag, or I wear several different tips for the first time Traveling layers of clothes when I board the plane if things get really tight. 

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