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Safety Tips While Air Travel  : – Air travel fare is decreasing every year. This is due to the fact that now more and more people are choosing flights as their medium of traveling. Reason behind this is that air flights have become cheaper and you can reach your destination in a very short time. You will find number of people who are experiencing problems with their heaLth during air travel.SAFETY TIPS DURING AIR TRAVEL. In this article you will get some tips on protecting your health during air travel. Passengers who are going on long trips are experiencing the problems of DVT. This is a vein thrombosis. Many people are concerned about this problem but they are not aware of the fact that there are some effective, economic and easy solutions to this problem. You can reduce the risk as well as symptoms of this problem in an effective manner. You can make use of stocking or socks.TIPS FOR AIR TRAVEL. These will be of great help in preventing the swelling of your legs. It happens most of the times that when flights are of very longer duration then your blood circulation can be decreased and this can cause discomfort as well as fatigue too. Sometimes it may happen that blood clotting can occur in deep vein thus causing vein thrombosis.


When the plane gets landed and the passenger will begin his normal activity then clotting will be dislodged and it will get migrated to lungs and heart. This will be causing pulmonary embolism.PROBLEMS WHILE AIR TRAVEL. This is a very dangerous disease and very deadly condition too. In spite of the fact that you are in a good and healthy condition, this disease can attack anyone. If you are pregnant women you should avoid traveling in a plane until and unless it is very necessary for you. There are many of you who will be having heart diseases, obesity, very high blood pressure or very low blood pressure. In these types of problems you need to take extra care of yourself while you are traveling in an air plane. If you want to prevent yourself from problems like- fatigued legs, aching and swelling and you want to lower down DVT risks then you need to take some simple measures.


You should stay hydrated with beverages which are caffeine free and are non-alcoholic. If you are sitting in a plane then you should get up in every hour and take a walk. You should make sure that you are wearing loose fitted clothes. While sitting you can exercise and stretch your legs. This will help in improving your blood flow. HEALTH DURING AIR TRAVEL.If your problem is still continuing then you need to refer to a physician. You should also keep with yourself essential medicines. In fact, this DVT condition arises not only because of the long flight hours. If your job is of such nature that it requires you to sit for a very longer period of time at one place then you can have this problem of DVT.TRAVEL BAG PACKING TIPS. Protecting your health during air travel is very necessary and you definitely need to adopt some measures for protecting your healthTags: Air travel tips, Tips for Healthy Flying

woman eating yogurt on plane
woman eating yogurt on plane

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