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Back packing Change your Life | Great News For Backpackers | Boosting The Life Of Back Packers

Backpackers often have a certain glow to them when they get back from a trip, and it’s not just  that they are most likely sporting. They have a pep to their step and they seem more relaxed, more enthusiastic, but also more at ease. That’s because there is a good chance they just experienced a life changing trip.

A trip can do things that normal life can’t accomplish in multiple decades. It can accelerate growth and inspire positive change and reflection. It can open up new perspectives and it can shine a light on new opportunities that you might not have seen otherwise. But why backpacking specifically?

Why not any kind of vacation?

The answer to that lies in the nature of backpacking. There is one mode of travel that involves stays in nice hotels, organized group or Individual tours Guide, and a tightly regimented itinerary. This might be exactly the kind of trip you need, depending on your personality and depending on what is going on in your life. But that is not really a backpacking type of trip and it likely won’t produce the kind of unforgettable memories and significant positive change that I mentioned in the earlier paragraphs.

If you are backpacking, you are likely spending less money on accommodation and food. You are either going to be lodging in hostels with other travelers, staying at local guest houses, couch surfing, camping, or perhaps even volunteering. When it comes to dining, you will most likely eat how the locals do — trying different street foods and interacting with the people that live in your destination. All of this is to say that you will be more in touch with your destination.

Backpacking is also inherently individualistic. You may have a guidebook, but you probably don’t have a tight itinerary that you must stick to, and you will probably be more open to spontaneous and random experiences. This is arguably where the most positive things can start happening. Unplanned encounters are often the most memorable because we find ourselves very much in the moment when they happen. If you know what’s going on to happen on your trip before you leave, don’t expect too much of the experience. You may enjoy yourself and you may find a break from your daily routine, but you are unlikely to find transformational change.

There is no right or wrong way to travel. I’m not going to sit here and say that you must take a backpacking trip rather than do something more conventional. No, you have to make that decision for yourself. I hope that I have made a sufficient case, however, for the possible benefits that come with this mode of travel.


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