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We generally have a tendency of not accepting new things so easily. Our mind and soul puts up millions of questions before we come to the conclusion of accepting it. And why just we, even our body takes time to adjust with new elements entering our system and it even at times doesn’t accepts them at all. So this is a sigh of relief for us or rather an excuse to make ourselves at ease! But this won’t work every time, especially when we are into loads of traveling, either because of our professional front or because you are one of those who are crazy about traveling and exploring new places; but are adamant about accepting the culture prevailing in the place you visit. So how do you cope with culture change that at times comes as a shock to you.

Shock 1: The most commonest of shocks that comes first in your way is the language barrier. And this is the case not just when you go out of a country, but you face this even when you visit within a country. South has a different language than East and so on. It’s very rare that you know the language of all the places you visit, and with English being the universal language the shock lessens to some extent. But then, it’s not the case everywhere. You will encounter people who don’t know English but know only their native language. So what you can do in such a case is at least write down the address you have to reach on a piece of a paper so that you don’t get stranded. Also learn a few common phrases and welcome notes to at least get yourself in the skin of the place.

Shock 2: In order not to get lost or misunderstood, it’s always advisable to hire a guide to travel  or go along the tour operator so that he can translate things for you and can help you reach your destination. Because even if you are carrying a map of the place with you, cases are that the language differs. So don’t get hassled and irritable, just hire a guide and follow his footsteps.

Shock 3: This one is for those, who generally travel alone. In order to avoid home sickness, it is always a good idea to get along with people of the city. Even if there are culture differences what can bind you is a common interest. So try to find out that and get going with your retreat.

With keeping all these points in mind, what is important is that when you visiting a place of great culture diversity, make sure that you acquaint yourselves with local customs to avoid any offense. For this you can take help of the Internet or the guide books. So what we can say in the end is, rather being baffled with culture shock, it’s important that you battle it up and take it as an opportunity to learn a new culture and  explore the maximum. And trust us, when you come back, you will rather be more glad with the experience and would like to take a new culture experience. Enjoy and just flow with the wind!


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