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Want to plan a vacation to San Francisco? But have a limited budget? Being cash strapped for travel is nothing new. Here the Cheap USA Travel Packages Our ancient explorers know about it better than anyone else. As they did not have the funds nor the know-how of the places they intended to visit. Though the funding problem may still persist among us, the accommodation factor is taken care of by many sites like the Hostelbookers. Rest is upon you, how you manage it.

Get Discounts for Tourists Attractions

Going for smart cards which work as passes to various tourist attractions, is the smart thing you can do while in San Francisco. As a tourist with a tight budget, you need to tighten your pockets as hard as possible. These smart cards are money savers, as they can save you around 40% on the places you visit on Discounted USA travel package. Well, that’s the kind of talk you would want to hear.
These smart cards also offer you unlimited travel on transports like the trolley buses, streetcars, cable cars, light rails, diesel buses, and electric trolley coaches. Armed with these smart cards you can go on a rampage roaming around the city and visiting the places these smart cards cover, such as:
Aquarium of the Bay is a place dedicated to marine lives of the San Francisco Bay. They have been dug out from the deep sea habitats and brought on shores, all for your privilege. You get the opportunity to stare right at the shark’s face. There are in all more than 20,000 marine animals in this huge complex, with underwater glass tunnels.
California Academy of Sciences is another place, where the animals brought from all corners of the world wait for you. As a matter of fact, the stars and moons also wait for you at the planetarium within this huge complex. But things don’t stop here; you have trees and wildflowers of the rainforest flourishing on a 2.5-acre area, then there are coral reefs brought all the way from Philippine.

Having spent some time on land you may be drawn to the call of the sea, and go on a cruise adventure. You are taken along the historic waterfronts, where sea lions lie idly basking in the sun. Then, the cruise takes you to Golden Gate Bridge, and around Alcatraz. Your camera shutters will work non-stop.

Cheap Eats

San Francisco houses many cheap food restaurants, where you can get inexpensive but delicious food. You can put Arinell Pizza on the check list, as it stands out for making mouth-watering pizza, and at an unbelievable cheap price. Or you can go to the Mission market which has Vietnamese sandwiches to offer, at a very less Eat vacations USA These massive sandwiches are your real money savers, as you get your belly full at a real cool price. Cutting the chase, there are many varieties of food to be had here, which are affordable; all you need is to put your ears to the ground.


Hence you see that things have changed from the times Columbus first set his foot here. Through meticulous planning, you can make a successful trip against the odds of financial crunch, to make Columbus turn his head in his grave.

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