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USA is regarded as one of the most powerful economies and provides for great employment opportunities Here You can find How Can I Get a Good Job. Last few years has been a challenge for many Job seekers as US has been recovering from recession. The national unemployment rate has fallen to 4.6 percent — the lowest since 2007, and you just might just require to be qualified with potential skills to gain a small change or a complete life overhaul.

The 2017 US Job Market outlook forecasts, College graduates seeing the biggest boost in their job prospects and earning potential. Employers are expected to hire nearly 6 percent more the Class of 2017 than from the Class of 2016 according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

US Job Market is mostly Market Driven making it challenging to expect Job Security yet continue to thrive well in spite of economic recession. Finding work, largely depends on where you plan to live and the industry association with the region. Of the 150 cities surveyed across 23 key indicators of job-market strength, we expect most Job Openings are expected to be centered around these  locations

Most Job OpeningsHighest Median Salary
Orlando, FL

Salt Lake City UT,

Atlanta, GA


Tampa FL


San Jose,CA

Durham NC

Houston TX

Austin TX

Highest Median Annual IncomeMost affordable Housing

Plano TX

Overland Park,KS



Fort Wayne,IN

Plano, TX

Grand Prairie,TX

Corpus Christi,TX

Gilbert ,AZ

Its true, finding an relevant opportunity to the skill acquired by experienced workers will still be a challenge. Utah, shows strength on three major categories and top scores in business-startup activity, patents and venture capital funding,  and accounts for the largest change in nonfarm payrolls. find Jobs in Washington State are usually government centric as the city houses many important government official departments of the country and scored highest on economic activity thanks to top exports per capita. California did well on innovation potential with its high percentage of tech jobs and strong venture capital inflows.

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