Top Natural Remedies Coronary Artery Disease Tips

Top Natural Remedies Coronary Artery Disease Tips | Heart Attack | Weight Loss

Top Natural Remedies Coronary Artery Disease Tips: Heart Disease, The Day After Healthy Cooking For Healthy Heart.The importance of physical activity has been investigated in the recent past, because once it was thought that rest was the best “medicine”, after an acute myocardial infarction or post-surgery.

Under this principle, during hospitalization, the patient was immobilized in bed for quite a long time, between 30-50 days. And he was restricted to a maximum possible physical activity after discharge.

Top Natural Remedies Coronary Artery Disease Tips
Top Natural Remedies Coronary Artery Disease Tips

In the 30s many scientific studies on it, did note that a sedentary lifestyle was a significant risk factor in Coronary Artery Disease, while consistent and Regular Physical Activity to remove that risk.

In the 50and Lown introduced the concept of early mobilization after a heart attack, known as treatment-chair, which originates from the observation that the prolonged lack of movement due to lodging was associated with severe muscle weakness , loss of bone tissue, reducing performance and increasing the frequency of cardiovascular thromboembolic events.

In the 60s or, with the human adventure in outer space, it was noticed that prolonged exposure to conditions of zero gravity on the human body had an effect similar to lodging decongestant prolonged and showed that this effect could be avoided by running, to prevent an adequate and Planned Physical Activity.

Balance your Dehydration
Balance your Dehydration

The observations reported in the literature are in favour of the inference that physical activity is inversely correlated and randomly the incidence of Ischemic Heart Disease “and that” the relative risk of physical inactivity is an order of magnitude similar to that of Hypertension Hypercholesterolemia and smoking.

The physical training is also capable of directly increasing cardiac efficiency, in terms of range and scope. Today it is thus to see the hospital for a heart condition in a different way, because the duration was reduced in the early days is allowed a modest exercise, such as eating alone, sitting on the bed, getting the toilet. At discharge we usually bears a rehabilitation centre to perform a specialized exercise program customized.

Cardiological Rehabilitation Aims To Improve The Function Of The Heart | Heart Disease | Good LIfe Fitness

1) ensuring improved oxygenation with the rehabilitation of respiratory function by means of: Air Way, reduction or diaphragmatic pleural adhesions, increased capacity of the chest, ventilation zones hypoventilation, favouring the return of venous blood right atrium, with mobilization limbs and breathing exercises, counteracting the anxiety of patients, with the comfortable position, with a serene environment, with relaxation techniques or biofeedback;
2) Adjusting effort through the cardiac movements appropriate dynamic and intensity gradually.

Coronary Artery Disease Effect
Coronary Artery Disease Effect

This new way of thinking, is the result of some theoretical considerations that, over time, have been confirmed by Practical Results Very Positive.

A heart is then trained efficient heart, a little tired, well-oxygenated, which works with low energy expenditure.

Physical activity can be understood as a real “cardio-active drug, and it is therefore important that the cardiologist after ascertaining that there are no contraindications and specify the type of program.

The fundamental requirement of any program is that the exercise has made it “Training Effect”, which means that it must submit intensity, duration and frequency sufficient to produce an improvement in functional aerobic capacity.

Gym Good for Health regarding the intensity, it represents one of the primary prescribing exercise.Starting from general criteria, it is important to get to determine individualized parameters, which indicate the appropriate intensity for each subject.

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