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Heart disease Coronary Heart Disease Factors: Heart disease knows no boundaries, so with heart disease young women should also me make more aware of it than just concentrating on the usual peast cancer. With heart disease young women should also be checked early in life for this, as it is carried over via the genes. It is important to have this checked out regularly, more so if there are health factors that could add to the genetic factor. Cause for concern would include diabetes, high blood pressure, too little to no exercise, smoking habits and eating habits with cholesterol as the main factor to clog the arteries.

Good Cholesterol High Coronary Heart Disease Prevention
Good Cholesterol High Coronary Heart Disease Prevention

As children heart disease is never discussed as a young person’s problem, only when you get old. So with heart disease young women should go for more regular checkups than men, as the ratio of death has increased significantly since the focus was put onto woman and not men only, as it used to be thought of as only a men’s disease. For heart disease young women should learn fast that they are not immune to it due to gender and age.

Symptoms Coronary Heart Disease
Symptoms Coronary Heart Disease

Genetics also has a large part to play in this problem, and the general knowledge of heart disease young women knows about is still minimal at this stage.Heart Disease Treatment since the focus of women’s problems were on the peasts and cancer, the focus of heart disease young woman may suffer with still has to be learned. There is no age restriction as to when you should start learning about heart disease; the younger the better, then you can learn to take care of matters early. By having annual check ups at the physician could only benefit you early to sort out the problems that could arise later in life.

Killer Called Cholesterol | Factors | Tips | Online

If you know you suffer with high cholesterol check it annually. Coronary Heart Disease tips cholesterol just makes the arteries so narrow that blood cannot pass through them eventually. Medication such as Lipitol or Adco-Simvastatin is available, and proper eating habits can lower your cholesterol.


Cholesterol Blocking Heart
Technically heart problems are referred to as coronary. Heart Disease Effects People so with coronary heart disease women should no longer think that this is a advanced problem or a male disease anymore as in the past, but should put it on the top of their health list too. 

Exercise should be on the top of the efforts made to keep the heart in good health; after all it is a muscle too. If you are not used to doing any exercise a short walk is the way to go at first, and then progress. And if you feel you tend to take the car to the shop close by, walk instead.


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