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Heart Attack Risk Factors: The rupture of plaque is the cause of MI, this means that if the plaque does not rupture, or even better if it is formed, the heart attack does not occur. We can then define run statements like: “Smoking makes you a heart attack and high blood pressure Causes Of Heart Disease” but it is absolutely true that those who smokes, who have high blood pressure or diabetes, runs a risk clearly higher to have a heart attack. Then we introduce the concept of risk factors.

Heart Disease Problem
Heart Disease Problem

Risk factors are those characteristics of individual or collective, often linked to particular styles of life, which while not the direct cause of a disease strongly favour the onset. Heart Attack Age, most people under 65 years of suffering from atherosclerosis has one or more risk factors for atherosclerosis. A person with at least one risk factor spread more easily and clinical significance of early atherosclerosis, and if then there is a coexistence of factors, the risk increases exponentially. The risk factors can not be completely eliminated. There are some non-modifiable: it may seem obvious but age is the most important and you can not change the probability of having a Heart Attack fifty years is ten times greater than thirty, and even the mortality of MI increases with age.

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Heart disease is a number of abnormal circumstances that affect the heart and blood vessels in the heart and coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease knoppix is a term that refers to damage to the heart that happens because its blood supply is reduced and what happens in which fatty deposits accumulate on the lining of blood vessels that supply the muscles heart soul, thus restricting them. Either what merely reduces the blood supply to the heart muscles and causes pain that knoppix is known as angina.

Healthy Diet
Healthy Diet

Causes of Coronary Heart Disease

There are several factors in particular that are considered as being responsible causes of coronary heart disease, one in particular that room on-line high cholesterol and worldwide cholesterol levels vary widely.

Heart Attack Effects general population live in countries where levels of blood cholesterol are major low as Japan for example, who rates more downs of heart disease, but at the same time, some populations with similar levels of cholesterol have very different rates heart disease.

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Another major cause of coronary heart disease are cigarette and tobacco smoke, because the risk of a smoker to develop heart disease is twice that of a non-smoker, and studies have actually shown that after five years to give the smoke, the Risk of Heart Disease is the same as that of someone who had never smoked in their lives.

Cholesterol Checkup
Cholesterol Checkup

Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease

Really the only positive way that heart disease is alarm system can be diagnosed using coronary angiography and Heart Attack Treatment is a procedure that uses a special dye and X-rays to see how the soul is going through your heart. It is usually done along with the cardiac catherization and before the start of the procedure you are given a sedative to help you typically unwind.

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