Children Rheumatic Heart Disease Treatment

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Children Rheumatic Heart Disease Treatment: Besides the typical heart disease protection that is promoted to adults, such as eating a healthy diet that is low in fat and cholesterol, there are other Heart Disease Prevention that can be used to protect children from contracting any damage to their hearts. Children’s rheumatic heart disease is caused by a child contracting rheumatic fever, usually when they are between five and fifteen years of age, although it can be contracted at any age.

Children's Rheumatic Heart Disease
Children’s Rheumatic Heart Disease

Rheumatic fever Heart Disease causes an inflammation to the connective tissues of the body, such as the heart, joints, pain and skin. When the fever hits, it can cause children’s rheumatic heart disease, which means that the valves of the heart can become scarred by the fever and later not open and close properly. In more severe cases, the heart can also become enlarged, which means that it becomes incapable of pumping all of the blood out of the heart and can lead to heart failure.

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When parents become concerned that their child has strep throat, they should immediately take their child to the Child Specialist Doctor for a test so that the infection can be treated as soon as possible. It is the strep throat that can progress into the rheumatic fever if it is not treated with antibiotics as quickly as possible. Once a child has contracted rheumatic fever, Heart Disease Treatment then he is more likely to contract it in the future, which usually means that he will have to be on antibiotics for life so that there is not a possibility of getting the fever again.

Rheumatic fever does not always progress into children’s rheumatic heart disease, and it is also not always clear if the damage has been done to the heart after the fever is over. There usually have to be tests run to see if there has been any damage to the heart. One way that doctor’s will test for children’s Rheumatic Heart Disease is to do a chest X-ray.

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Children Rheumatic Heart Disease Treatment
Children Rheumatic Heart Disease Treatment

In this way they look for any fluid that is in the heart of lungs which is a symptom of damage to the valves of the heart. Another way to check for Children’s Rheumatic Heart Disease is to do an echocardiogram so that a picture of the heart can be taken through the use of sound waves. If the heart’s valves have been damaged too significantly, then there will be surgery for the child so that the valves can be replaced or fixed. The best prevention for children’s Rheumatic Heart Disease is to treat a strep infection immediately, and if there are any symptoms of rheumatic fever after strep, such as joint pain or inflammation, then the child must be taken back to the doctor immediately for tests.

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