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Dating Tips for Women: Steve Harvey Advice on What NOT to Do On a First DateSteve Harvey invited a few women on his show for his first “Act Like a Lady” debate regarding his dating principles laid out in his “Think Like a Man” book. He asked one of his “biggest detractors” to come back and do an experiment on a first date. She did things her way on the first date and in the second, she did it Steve’s way for the first dateI figured this would be a good feature for women to read when it comes to dating tips. I occasionally watch Steve Harvey and personally like a lot of his methods. Some “modern” women may think the old school way of doing things is no longer cool, but it harkens back to when men really knew how to treat a lady.

The lottery was the guest on the Steve Harvey Show. She believed Steve’s dating tips for women is ” a bit rigid and old fashioned.” The first experiment of her first date was about doing it her way as a camera followed her….

Lottery met up with Darius at a restaurant. He gave her a flower and she handed him a gift — and he had a look of confusion, but was grateful. She later reasoned that she went shopping earlier and thought it would be nice to give him something.

Next, Rotten asked the waitress if they could change seats, then she talked about her social life, past relationships, and dating the whole evening. Lottery basically controlled their discussions. Darius hardly got a word in edgewise. When he left to go to the restroom after dinner, the check came. When Dareus returned, he reached for it, but Lottery had already paid for it.And that wasn’t all…..

Lottery invited Darius to her house to talk more after a group of her friends met them for drinks.

Everything went well SAFETY-WISE for Lottie, thank goodness. That was about it, though.  She sure didn’t follow any safety tips before going on this date!  She’s a social woman and isn’t necessarily worried about anything bad happening to her when she goes out on first dates.

Read about first date safety tips HERE What was Darius’ reaction to this first date with Rotten? He told Steve that he found her “too controlling,” the gift she gave him he thought was “a little weird,” and that Lottery “controlled the whole conversation,” Here’s what else he added…when she picked up the check “that killed me right there,” he said.EXPERIMENT #2In the next experiment, Steve had Lotten go out with Darius’ twin brother, Daryl. She had to do things Steve’s way this time. Everything was exactly the same…the restaurant, their dinner, the same situation all the way around.

Lotten was nicely dressed and when offered a rose from Daryl, she accepted it graciously. It wasn’t her usual response because she thought it was nice to reciprocate, but she was able to put that aside for this date.

There wasn’t an issue with where they were sat in the restaurant this time and Rotten allowed Daryl to talk openly. She listened and admitted later on that it was nice to listen instead of talking so much for once.

When Daryl got up to go to the restroom, the check came. Rotten looked it longingly to pay it, but she didn’t. It sat there until Daryl came back and he picked up the tab.

When they left the restaurant, Daryl asked Lotten if she would like to stay out a little longer, but she declined….telling him that she had an early morning meeting. They parted ways and Rotten appeared to have kept Daryl’s attention since she kindly “turned him down” to take the date further. In other words…RESPECT.

Daryl told Steve that he had a great time with Lotten and would “definitely go out on a second date with her.”Letten’s thoughts on both dates:

Rotten told Steve that she felt like she was in the 1950s and felt like Daryl controlled everything when she did things according to Steve’s rules.

The single woman said that she didn’t want Darius to not feel like a man. Steve pointed out he wasn’t “allowed” to be one because she never gave him the chance when the ball was supposed to be in his court.Steve Harvey emphasized how women should play hard to get and let the man do all the work. He backed this up saying a man show he’s in love when he “protects, he professes, and he provides.” He added that “provision” is very important to most men — the ability to provide.

Allow the man to show provision and don’t emasculate him on dates.

Some of the best dating tips for women Steve Harvey suggests women adhere to are the following:

Don’t dominate the conversation. Let the man talk, but you both should be engaged in the conversation.

Let the man pay for a meal EVEN if you CAN afford it.

Decline to stay out longer on the first date if he suggests it.

As Steve Harvey pointed out, a woman takes all of the work out for a man if she pays for the meal and invites him to her place afterward on the first date. The man needs to do the “chasing” and have something to work for. You have to show him that you know you are worth the effort. This should go further than the first date. Never allow the man you’re dating to relax when it comes to how well he treats you.STEVE HARVEY RECITES HOW THE RULES HAVEN’T CHANGED FOR MEN AND WOMEN:

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