Know How To Choose Women

Know How To Choose Women

Want to know how to pick up women? If so, the first thing to understand is that you’re actually making the effort to develop a skill that 99% of the male population doesn’t have a clue about so good for you. The first thing to understand is that knowing how to approach women and how to attract women isn’t some mystical enchanting gift set you’re either born with or not born with says best free dating sites.

Instead, it’s a skill which can be learned just like any other skill through consistent practice and measuring of what’s working and what’s not working. But if you’re too lazy to go through all that painstaking trial and error, here are three tips which will help you to learn how to pick up women. First Go Where the Fish Are

This might sound like simple advice when it comes to learning how to pick up women, but most men make the mistake of trying to approach women in places where the competition is really hot. For example: bars, night clubs all those places where women go and get hit on by 55 guys per minute while they are just trying to hang out with her friends.

Absolutely free dating service Sure, these places might be great to go if you’re looking to get a lot of practice, but you’re not terribly interested in getting a lot of quality results. But if you start approaching women at unsuspecting places: parks, coffee houses, bookstores, libraries etc you’ll find that there’s a lot less competition and therefore women don’t have their “pick up radar” on high security mode. Second: Build Trust First

One of the biggest secrets of how to pick up women is being able to build trust quickly. But how do you do this when it’s obvious that you’re approaching her for one reason and one reason only? Easy, don’t approach her until you’ve built trust. For example, if she’s sitting in a book store reading a book, sit in a chair near her. After a few minutes, tell her that you’re going to the bathroom and ask her to watch your seat.

This will communicate a subtle message that you trust her, and extending trust to people almost always inspires them to reciprocate trust. Then of course, you say thanks when you return, and she’ll probably be much more approachable.

Tips for best results according to free dating on web services, make a joke out of this and say: “I’m going to run to the bathroom, if anyone touches my lap top, I need you to tackle them.” After this, it ought to be much easier to engage her in a conversation and then you move to the last step Third: Use the “Gotta Go Close”

Once you have a bit of a conversation going, pretend that you just got a text message from a friend of yours and that you “have to go.” This kind of “interruption” will create an opportunity for you to say: “I need to go, but I’d like to have this conversation, what are you doing on”

And of course, you ask for the date at this time, and since the conversation was interrupted, you’ll still be leaving her with the sense that you’re not needy, that you have a life and that you and her still have something to talk about.

Practice the USA free dating services strategy, and remember that knowing how to pick up women is a skill which can be learned through practice. After just a few times, you’ll be comfortable and other men will be asking you for advice on how to pick up women.

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