Killer First Date Ideas So That You Don’t End Up Broke And Lonely

 Killer First Date Ideas So That You Don’t End Up Broke And Lonely

Chances are just about every time you have a date, right? Once a week? Twice a week? or More? It gets old very fast trying to think of new and creative dating ideas after week. Killer first date ideas so that you don’t end up broke and lonely now, I don’t have to tell you that if you want to win your girl’s heart and have more luck with the ladies you must know how to plan riveting dating adventures.

Adventures that’ll have her coming back for more.Just consider for a moment… That hot girl you’re going out with has done the same old dinner and a movie with every other guy before you. Now’s your chance with her don’t blow it. You need a fantastic idea, a time full of excitement, thrill, memories, and sparks. But how will you make it happen?I’ll let you in on a little secret … if you can’t plan a new, fresh date that’ll impress her, you will squelch her attraction for you. You see, most women are attracted to a man who’s confident, a leader, and a take-charge man.

 Killer First Date Ideas So That You Don't End Up Broke And Lonely

Fumbling to come up with a great date idea will make you look like you lack confidence, that you’re unsure of yourself and you’ll make it just that much easier for all the wolves out there to snatch her right out of your hands. And if you plan a “boring” date, then you can bet it will be your last date with her.

From men like Don Juan to the romance novel hero gracing today’s romance novels that women devour the men depicted in these books all create spellbinding adventures that women fantasize about.For better or for worse, women judge you by what they read about in these romance novels, the movies they watch, and the TV shows that hypnotize them. They sit in pow wows comparing how your date measured up to that of their friends.

 Killer First Date Ideas So That You Don't End Up Broke And Lonely

And if you can’t plan a fresh date full of electricity, then you won’t measure up. So what’s a man to do?

Sure, you could try to wing it. But you already know that you then run the risk of not standing out from all the other men she’s left at the curbside. Or you can take charge and get your hands on fresh, exciting dating ideas that’ll have her swooning over you if that’s what you want.

Let me give you a little of my background. I have been dating approximately 2 to 4 dates a week from ages 16 to 30 (as a single) and 1 date a week from age 30 to age 36 (married) (that’s a couple thousand dates or so).

During this time, I always tried to stretch the imagination and do something interesting, creative, unique and different. I would ask everyone I knew for ideas, I would constantly scour books, magazines and the like, for new and interesting date ideas.

 Killer First Date Ideas So That You Don't End Up Broke And Lonely

As a result of all those years of actively researching the best dates, I ended up with quite a collection of exceptional dating ideas.

Knowing this, friends would always call me and ask “Hey Merrill, I got this hot date coming up and I could sure use some good date ideas!”

It was this year that I decided it was time to put all of these dating ideas into a book so that everyone could have access to the best dating tips. At Last, All The Awesome Dating Ideas
You Want At Your Fingertips!Here’s what I’ve done. Now you can get your hands on 303 tested date ideas that will impress her — introducing the Awesome Dating Ideas package.

The Awesome Dating Ideas package is just what you need to come up with great date ideas in no time flat! At last, the stress and trouble of coming up with and planning a fun, awesome date idea are already done for your awesome free dating site, fully explained, details on what to do, how to act, dating tips and advice.

This is not some bogus list of date ideas, but a carefully crafted series of dates with advice, tips, and details of the date – so you will know exactly what to do for the date to be successful.

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