How To Get Men To Pursue You!

How To Get Men To Pursue You!

There are many confusing “RULES” on what women can do to become more successful with the male gender. On one hand, we are told that men have a fragile ego that needs stroking until your paws go sore. We are told pouting your sweet lips puerile-like and aaahing and oohing his every move will increase his feelings for you. Never point out his mistakes or try to outsmart him. Verbal attacks or contradicting him hurt his feelings, so veil sharp criticism into tender kitty’s purs. Flirting with other men on free online dating services will make him jealous, and he might even walk out. In short, smile often, lie down and pretend to be dead and – oh – remember to put every time he asks if are still alive!

On the other hand, we have told men to pine after bitches poised as vixens who maintain their power, independence, and autonomy by making men slave for their attention. And to be the bitch men queue to get her telephone number you must act aloof when he approaches you. Brush him off – persistently. Don’t show him how you feel – act like other things are more important than him. And when he calls you to postpone a date because he has some urgent business matter to attend to, tell him you already have another date anyway. In other words, play impossible to get, pretend that you do not like men and then they will come after you in droves.

If you’ve tried the kitty purring and tried playing “I don’t need a man” and the only thing still chasing you is your own shadow. Then you need to read this.

What many women don’t know and men don’t tell us is that men love the illusion of being the hunters and are thrilled by the thought of chasing a real (or imagined) foxy woman. So to get the men to pursue you, you must have some sort of spin to your game plan. What that means is that even if you are a tender-hearted deer or can ram and butt like a buffalo but can put a spin to the chase, you are most likely be to perceived as a game. And this foxy spin is universal in its appeal. It gives the sense of novelty or “newness” a code that seems to be pre-programmed in the male gene. A spin is different from “tricks” or deceitful acts. According to free dating sites for singles, a spin is a playful act with a bit of mystery in it. It is a build up of intrigue; make the person wonder what makes you tick and what’s going on in your “sexy” head.

Like when a guy comes up to me (how I make him come to me will be the subject of another article), he usually introduces himself “my name is Denzel Washington” (I like to fantasize), I shake his hand and say “nice meeting you Denzel” and stop at that. He’d then ask “and what is your name?” Playfully I ask “what would you like it to be?” Most guys are not ready for this…and I can literally see their testosterone level go up. Most of them laugh nervously, some even blush – those who can blush – and keep asking the same question. I just laugh and walk away foxy-like (notice I said “walk” away not “run’ away). For those of you who might not understand what a “foxy-walk” is, think Harley Berry in Cat Woman. Some follow me around and from their body language I can read that they are thinking “this is going to be interesting”. Others laugh, hang around a while and then go to mingle and meet other women. I have had guys go away and come back to ask for my name. And they can do this at intervals the whole evening. If I really like a guy, I will in the course of the evening “accidentally” bump into him. And if he is interested he will ask for my name again. This time I ask him to call me anything that comes to his mind. Whatever he calls me, I smile and say “Thank you, from now on my name is Mystery” or whatever name he gives me and again walk away – foxy-like. I have had guys steal up behind my back and call me by the name they gave me and I am always alert I promptly answer like it has been my name all my life.

Once I met my match (or he thought he was). He sort of had my “number” because he was pressing all the right buttons. I found his direct, saucy and self-confident ways rather very seductive. This 40 – something white man reminded me of the boys in my native village – the cockiness and self-confidence I am yet to see anywhere else in the world. Their “come and get me” stubbornness can be irritating but at the same time you feel the tagging on your heart-strings and before you know it they got you hooked on that you forget they can’t even read or write let alone recite the alphabet.

Anyways, my evening’s heartthrob suddenly vanished and for the rest of the evening, ignored me. When I was just about to leave (I am sure he was watching me how else would he have known I was planning to leave…) he came and asked for my telephone number. I gave him a piercing look then said: “Okay, even if you ignored me the whole evening – and by the way that really hurt, I will give you my number because you look like a lot of fun”. See, the message I was passing on was “I am also a lot of fun and you have no idea what you are missing”. I wrote my number on a blank card – I don’t give guys I am interested in my business card because when they read “Dating Coach”, they will never call, so I always have a nice set of blank cards.

He took the card and turned to go. And as he walked away, I called him and in a matter of fact said “Shawn, the best time to call me is between 10 pm and midnight” my work day doesn’t finish until about 10 p.m. He nodded. But it was obvious to me he was the kind of man who wanted to be in control and didn’t like a woman telling him when to call her. So I said, “if a man picks up the phone, please just tell him that we met today” ( I had a male friend visiting from out of town). He walked back and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” To which I replied “Call me”, winked and I left. He called me that very night. He wanted to know if I had a boyfriend and by the way, he said: “what is your name?”

Forget about “THE RULES” that only over-complicate everything. The real fact of the matter is that guys want women who can be down-to-earth, genuine and original. Women who are bold, assertive and flirtatious. They want the chase as much as they want the woman and they still want the chase to continue even when he’s married you. And if you want to keep his interest you must remain the woman he was chasing in the first place. Spins don’t have to be just for getting attention. If there is a connection and the relationship moves forward, come up with other new spins which feel natural and compliment your personality. Spin’s got to be new and fresh every time – and mysterious leaving the rest up to his imagination – because if your man isn’t challenged enough, he will go find the challenge on best free dating sites.

When a man meets a woman he automatically imagines what life with her would be like. A spin gives men the mystery and challenge which for most of them (unfortunately for us women who want to be appreciated for more, like our emotional and spiritual strengths) means a woman who they can bond with mentally and sexually. I don’t want to disappoint my “sisters of the move” but on a first or second meeting it is really hard to tell your emotional or spiritual strengths by just looking or talking for a few minutes and if you keep forcing it down their throats you are yesterdays toast. Bottom line is that men are first attracted to women who are uninhibited and look like they love fun just as much as they do. And the way they tell that is by how a woman “advertises’ her potential cute, fun, smart, fun, self-confident, fun, sexy, fun, caring, fun… you get the picture. A woman who is so stuck-up is every man’s nightmare, even for those guys who themselves are uptight. Don’t paint the whole picture for him, it takes out the mystery and turns him off instead of on. There are more than a thousand ways for a woman to show that she can rock a man’s world without resorting to “cheap” selling or aggressive marketing.

The other thing that turns me off is excessive concern over details or trivial matters – stop sweating the small stuff and look at the big picture. Do you want a man who loves you unconditionally or do you want a bunch of roses that wither away only after a couple of days? Hello? If you can get both, by all means, take it, but if you have to choose, think big. But what probably turns me off most is showing a desperate need for attention and affection. We women are born natural therapists, men are not! If you are the kind of woman who needs someone every now and then to listen to how bad your cellulite is or why your cat only eats cereal, get yourself a good set of girlfriends or call your mama or sister if you have one and for God’s sake get yourself a life. Don’t’ pretend to have one just to get him to chase you, but a real life, a career, a hobby or volunteer at a children’s organization or elderly people’s home, so that when the phone rings you don’t drop everything else to go suck up to a guy and then wonder why the guys you really like don’t like you and the ones who don’t do a thing for you linger around like cheap perfume.

The USA free dating services advice to all women is, if he is in sight and the day is right, don’t wait for him to come to you, take matters into your hands and hunt him down – BUT remember men like the illusion of being the hunter, don’t deprive them of their chance to do their hunting. You and I know too well, in the end, the hunter gets captured by the game. And just in case you are interested to know this “spin” technique works magic in the bedroom too.

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