Five Simple Tips How To Get Your First Date

Five Simple Tips How To Get Your First Date

Five Simple Tips How To Get Your First Date: You think you’re a cool person; fun-to-be-with, attractive and lovable. You believe that you’re a good catch… or at least good enough to get the first date. Then, what are you doing alone on a Saturday night, with no plans at all to go out with your attractive officemate, or with the cute neighbor who just moved in your society?

1.  Get To Know 

Maybe you’re right when you say that you’re God’s gift to women, but perhaps, you’re also a little shy that you won’t even come around to asking for that first date. So maybe you also need a little push.

One of the steps in scoring a date is to get to know the object of your affection. No, basic information like her name and how she looks does not count when you plan to ask her out; find out some of her hobbies, who she hangs out with. Just don’t go into stalker mode, and watch her every move. Just try to find out if you two have anything in common.

2. Start A Casual Conversation

Five Simple Tips How To Get Your First Date, so find something you have in common, you can use as a conversation starter; because the next step is to strike up a casual conversation with her. There is no way anyone would go out with a stranger. You have to introduce yourself politely, smiling and maintaining eye contact and confidence as you do. This is also your chance to get to know her better. Bringing up common interests in the topic is one way of engaging her in the conversation. When you’re acquaintances rather than strangers to each other, you’ll find more ways on how to get the first date with this person.

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If you’ve known each other for quite a while but are not friendly towards each other, then now’s your chance to introduce yourself in a different light. You may be officemates exchanging business emails for six months, but she doesn’t know you any more than that. So maybe when you catch her on your way out of the office, or while buying coffee at the cafeteria, go ahead and tell her what you thought of your boss’ idea of your last meeting. Chat about your officemates, subtly asking her opinion and interjecting common interests on the topic. A friendly, casual conversation gives you the chance to talk to her again and discuss plans for the weekend.

3. Get A Common Friend Help

Sometimes you can’t find a way to go directly to that person and talk to her. This is where common friends come in. Maybe you have a common friend who can help you get to know more about her, or tell you what she likes in a guy, or more bluntly, how to get the first date with her. Ask her if this person is seeing someone; and if she’s not, maybe your common friend can make her friend give you the time of day. Mostly, people are hesitant to go on a date with someone if it’s not their friend or a friend of a friend. These Dating Tips For Men are also useful for women.

4. Ask Her Out

After establishing enough information and common interests, and upon making sure that you’ll have another conversation with her in the next few days, now is the time to come up with an excellent plan for your first date, and practice what you’re going to say when you ask her out. Stand in front of the mirror and pretend that you’re already doing the asking. Repeat this procedure over and over until the words come out easily and naturally.

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After rehearsing for hours, or day, its time to put your practice into action; take the big leap and ask her out. Just remember to dress appropriately, maintain a confident posture and ask her casually. Talk to her about your plans, being open to her suggestions on how it would make the date more fun.

5. Don’t Give Up

Another way on how to get the first date is to accept rejection. Don’t give up on a first try, unless the person from the receiving end is apparently begging you to leave her alone. If that’s the case, you have to go and find the person who is worthy of going on a first date with.

If you finally got a yes on your invitation, good luck! The first date can make or break your chance with someone special. So make the most out of it. If not, find out Top Free Online dating Sites

These are the Five Simple Tips How To Get Your First Date.

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