First Date Tips for Guys of all ages

First Date Tips for Guys of all ages if you want to succeed

After a few casual encounters you finally worked up the nerve to ask your co-worker, friend or a passerby on a date and she actually said yes!

Now the day has arrived and your nerves are getting the best of you will she laugh at my jokes? Where should we go? Will I end up spending my entire paycheck tonight? lol! Just kidding. But I’m sure men have just as much anxiety before the first date as women. To put your mind at free dating on web services ease I’ve put together a short list of dating tips to help make that first date go as smooth as possible.

1. Do Not Take Charge

Most women do like a man with a plan and one who can take charge, however, do not be completely overbearing. Have a night of events planned but always ask the lady what she would like to do first. If she doesn’t have anything in mind then feel free to proceed with your agenda.

2. Leave your Ego Home

The first date is an equal opportunity for both individuals to get to know each other. There should be a back and forth exchange of your interests and things you like to do.

Do not spend the entire USA free dating services about your work, accomplishments, hobbies, how much you can bench press, etc.

3. Going Dutch

One of the big first date tips for men, the first date is also not the time to suggest “going Dutch”. Pay for everything! If she insists on paying politely turn down the offer especially if you asked her out on the date. Besides if you end up paying your own bills is that really a date or just two friends hanging out?4. Leave the Past in the Past

4. Leave the Past in the Past

One of the biggest mistakes both men and women make is discussing past relationships on a first date. This is a no-no! If asked mention it briefly and always says it ended on good terms never make your ex-look like the villain.

5. Treat Her Like a Lady

Women love to be complimented but make sure it sounds genuine and sincere. According to free dating sites for singles Compliment her outfit or something about but her that you really like and admire.

Also, despite popular belief chivalry is not dead, open the door or even go as far as pulling out her chair at the restaurant.

The gestures will definitely be remembered and appreciated and remember to watch your and understand your limits is the best first kiss advice guys can get, you should know when this is on.


Be yourself last but not least of the dating advice for guys be yourself on free online dating services. The one thing most women complain about is their significant other changing down the road.

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