First Date Do’s And Dont’s

First Date Do’s And Dont’s

First dates are scary. Most people hate the idea of having to go on a first date. Will you like them? Will they like you? What do I talk about? It feels more like a job interview than a date. USA free dating services gives some basic tips to make your first date with that special someone run a little more smoothly.

DON’T Talk About An Ex Or Past Relationship

Nobody wants to know about all the juicy details of your last relationship; that’s something you save for much, much further down the line. Talking about other people you were once with can cause jealousy, or make the other person think you’re still emotionally in that relationship, and turn them off.

DO Smile!

Smiling always sends a positive vibe out to people you’re with, and you want your date to think you’re happy. By frowning the whole time they might see you as a negative person who isn’t fun to be with. So smile, I swear you will get a much better reaction and also smile on videos on free dating on web services.

DON’T Answer Your Cell Phone

I cannot stress enough how incredibly RUDE it is to answer your phone when you are with another person, especially if you are on a first date with them! By answering your phone, you’re telling the person you’re with that they aren’t intriguing enough and you’d rather have a conversation with someone more interesting. Just turn it off! They invented voicemail for a reason.

DO Be A Gentleman

Best free dating sites are NOT dead! Despite what you hear, women still love when a guy opens the door for you (this means the car door too!) You will never get points knocked off for being a gentleman because you are showing her that your mature and know how to treat a lady. Flowers wouldn’t hurt either.

DON’T Wear A Costume

Well, okay, not literally a costume, but don’t wear something that isn’t YOU. First dates are scary enough, you don’t need to be pulling and tugging at your outfit the whole night, and wondering if your skirt is too short. Wear something that you wear a lot, something you feel comfortable in because if you feel comfortable on the inside, then you will look more comfortable to your date on the outside.

DO Ask Questions

As free online dating services say’s Everyone’s favorite topic for a conversation is themselves. Why? Because it’s the field we are most knowledgeable in. When in doubt about what to say, just ask them a question about themselves. They will be happy to answer, and who knows, it just may even spur a topic for a new conversation.

DON’T Give It All Away

Ladies, do not sleep with the guy on the first date. This is by far the worst move you can make. If you give everything at once, then what is left for him to find out? A little mystery goes a long way.

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