Advice for Dating a Married Man

Advice for Dating a Married Man

One might think that dating someone presently in a committed relationship would be a difficult proposition, if not a completely insane and woefully shortsighted endeavor. Well, ladies eager to drive that wedge between Mr. John and Jane Everyman, think again! Despite what you may commonly hear from nauseous and pontificating sources, such as perennial do-gooder, Dr. Phil McGraw, that such an idea is bound for utter failure, dating a married man has never been easier. In fact, as free dating on web services recent statistics show that the rate of infidelity among men in a relationship is an astounding 57%, so just because you see a ring on his finger, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of the running. If you want to be that sultry mistress all the country club wives are whining about during their daily bridge game, continue reading this compendium of professional advice on how to date your already-betrothed beau.

Just like any two would-be lovebirds, the best way to gauge whether Mr. Right harbors any romantic feelings for you is to engage in some lighthearted, innocent flirting. According to the ironically-named relationship expert, Matthew Hussey, one of the most important components in successful flirting strategy is to insert a well-placed compliment into everyday interactions. For example, a successful flirtatious compliment would be, “Stephen, that mahogany bookshelf in your office really reflects your raw, masculine power.” As a rule of best free dating sites, the successful flirter would do well to avoid any compliments focusing on his wedding ring, or how beautiful that photo of his wife is, as such topics may actually reinforce his wavering sense of marital constancy.

Once you have shown the object of your affection that you’re not intimidated by that ring on his finger, and he has naturally asked you to join him for a romantic evening at a no-frills, budget motel, the truly difficult task of balancing your needs as a mistress with those pesky needs of his family begins.

One of the most disastrous actions that a new mistress can do is to incessantly call or text your man, leave an inordinate amount of voicemails on his home telephone, and generally vie for his attention at all hours of the day on USA free dating services. Note, this type of behavior will be a major turnoff to your married boyfriend. Instead, let him be the one to call you and an even more effective strategy is the time-honored method of playing “hard to get”.

Most married men who are cheating on their wives do so because they find it to be an exciting and challenging project, therefore a successful mistress will refuse to be at her beau’s beck and call. This includes allowing his phone calls to go straight to voicemail and occasionally canceling a late-night rendezvous at the budget motel. As one might imagine, this type of behavior will present a challenge to your man and keep him interested in breaking his marriage vows for you and you alone.

Lastly, at some point, even the most discrete of affairs leaves lurid clues that will make your boyfriend’s wife, and chief competitor, suspicious of his activities outside of the homestead. The most common of signs according to free online dating services can be as subtle as a change in alibi for missing family dinner, or the faint smell of your intoxicating perfume on his cashmere dinner jacket. Thus, it is absolutely critical to give your man an ultimatum to divorce his insufferable wife and come join you in your one bedroom apartment. If you have been following the sagacious advice of this article, by now he is in a helpless state of infatuation and will do anything to remain by your side.

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