A Guy’s Basic Holiday Gift Guide for the New Relationship

A Guy’s Basic Holiday Gift Guide for the New Relationship

Helping You In Your Quest For The Perfect Dating Experience.

There aren’t any clearly defined rules when it comes to exchanging gifts, let alone giving during the holiday season to a new lover. From Christmas, to Hanakkuh, Kwanzaa and others, what does one buy for the holiday season to show her you care?

Exchanging gifts during the budding of a new relationship is quite a quandary. The idea behind the gift is to show you care without forcing the next commitment level of the pairing. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to wow her with the perfect gift – based on the length of your courtship, of course. Free dating on web services It starts with the following objectives:

— Something she would not buy herself
— Unique with a little meaning
— Budgeted based on the span of your dating life

But before we review a few brilliant ideas let’s review bad holiday gift examples. Bad Holiday Gift Idea Scenarios A holiday gift with you in mind – Let’s say she has cable television but she does not have every single sport’s channels. A subscription to all the stations with baseball, football, hockey and so forth are not going to make her gush with joy. Self-improvement gift – If you think she’s nice but you’d like her a few pounds lighter, the subscription to Weight Watchers is not the way to go. Household chore products – For most women, the new improved mop is not a dream holiday gift. Don’t bother entertaining the idea unless she has been adamant about wanting the new turbo waxer. Too Useful – Just because you dream of the killer toolbox set, she won’t be as enthralled with the new state of the art sewing kit. Excessively extravagant – Expensive holiday for the relationship under one year old can result in a myriad of catastrophes. If she cares only about receiving the priciest gift, it may be a sign of her gold-digging �lan. Alternatively, you could be setting yourself up to constantly raise the bar. Not to mention, you don’t want to over spend until you know if the relationship is set for longevity. USA free dating services holiday Gifting Ideas for Her Dating her for 3 weeks to 1 month If you’ve only been dating under a month, there’s no need to break your bank. After all, you don’t know where everything is headed. Since the future of the relationship is a little uncertain, think cheap attentiveness. For example, if she drinks green tea, a matching teacup and kettle in a favorite color demonstrates that you are tuned into to her taste.

The present does not need to exceed $40. It’s enough to say you’d like to continue dating and see where things go.

Here are a few other ideas:

— A cool candle and holder from Pier 1 (She’ll think of you each time she lights it).

— Body scrub and an aromatherapy candle from the Body Shop

— A symbolic spirit – Try to buy her the same bottle of wine you shared on your first date. If you’re both beer drinkers, buy her beer of choice along with a pair of mugs with a note saying the six-pack is to be shared only with you.

— One CD of the first song you heard together on your first date and a box of Godiva chocolate. Holiday gift budget: Under $40 Dating her for 2-4 months two to three months is not enough time to buy her the Tiffany bracelet. Free dating sites for singles The destiny of the relationship is still questionable. As a result, think outside of the jewelry box.

— Her favorite movie set on DVD (i.e Sex in the City) and a box of PoppyCock

— A Coach key chain, wallet with your photo inside.

— Tickets to her favorite play, orchestra Holiday gift budget: Under $100Dating her for 5-8 months
— Bracelet or necklace – Every gal loves jewelry; especially from the guy she’s falling head over heels.

— A key to your apartment along with a leather toiletries bag filled with body gel, her shampoo, toothbrush, lotion, massage oil and anything else you may want to add.

– Sexy lingerie chock full of thigh highs, boots and whatever turns you on with a sexy note saying, “I can’t wait to see you in these items tonight.” Holiday gift budget: Under $200 Dating her for 9-12 months

— Her favorite artist’s work

— Just about any Tiffany jewelry

— A day at the spa and a silky Victoria Secret robe

— A watch by Michael Kors or Kenneth Cole, inscribed with: “I’m counting the moments we’re apart.” Holiday gift budget: Under $300 Whatever you decide to buy her this holiday season, make sure the present depicts a little more meaning than you did the obligatory deed, you bought her a gift.

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