10 Important Tips For Your Blind Date

If you are being hooked up for a blind date or meeting a person on a date for the first time, there are always some tips that help keep you (men) stay stable during the night. The following includes 10 blind date tips with a hint of humor to help you cope with the information.

10. Plan for a night far away

While you may plan to go on a date to the movies and have a quiet date, the blind date you are hooked up with may end up being a partner and want to go dancing or something else so planning ahead is necessary.

9. Be cautious of the wordplay you use

Men should be listening to the women more than having the women listen to the men. However, what you say will lay the first impression on her and quote a famous comedian, Chris Rock, “A girl will decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not she will sleep with you.”

8. Put your attention on her

Men really do need to stop talking, shut their pie-hole and listen to what the women dating tips have to say on the date. “Ohh, I got a luxurious boat out in California and I make $200,000 a year working for; really doesn’t flatter the ladies. To get a girl interested in you, you have to listen to what she is saying. Also discuss issues like work, family, friends, and various other more personal topics. Regardless, you should never make her feel uncomfortable about anything because this is a friendly occasion.

7. No Interrogations

If you wish to do well on your date then you have to have great conversations with her. Never ask her questions that will have one of the following three responses: yes, no, I don’t know. Ask her questions which will start a good conversation and get a nice answer that interests you, and show your interest.

6. Make her your spotlight

Never let your eyes leave her (and I don’t mean her double decker, I’m talking about eye contact). You want to make sure you don’t “check out” other Top Essential Tips For Dating while with her or spend time with other friends that may be there or on your phone.

5. Don’t try to show off

Whatever you do, don’t go out of your way to flash your gold chains or brag about your luxurious items. While living the life may be a turn on, it can make the date go downhill very fast as she may be thinking, “What a selfish jerk”. Also, do not show off all your money (unless your date is a gold digger or a prostitute). If you’re so rich then either use debt or bills under 100. Don’t purposely go out of your way for her to see something valuable that you own.

4. Be Aware of What You May Get

When going on a blind date, you never know what you will get. While you may be wishing to get a real hot piece of tail at the end of the night, or a great relationship started, you may end up with a huge girl who honks and snorts the night away. Never expect the best, just cope with what you get. The date is for
only one night, not a lifetime.

3. Watch out for a Controlling or Crazy Girl/Guy

If either party is rather psychotic, demanding, or aggressive then leaving may be the right thing to do, and do so immediately. It is not worth risking being taking advantage of or left in a dead end relationship. Also, try to fend away from those in a questionable relationship at the time.

2. Plan Your Escape

Make sure you have a plan on how to get out of the date if it either goes downhill, you don’t like the person or you really regret doing it.

1. Be The Leader

The final dating tip is for you to be the leader. Men should always take the leadership role so they are proven to be more masculine. Whether it’s asking for a dance, being the first to start a conversation, or initiating a kiss, it is all stuff that shows your manly side by the end of the night.

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