Lady Gaga’s shock new sex scandal video

Lady Gaga Sex Scandal Video

FANS who couldn’t get enough of Lady Gaga during her recent Sydney visit are been treated to a shocking new video featuring sex, violence, and plenty of scandal.

It’s not the first time the Lady, who was recently in Australia for a series of shows with the Pussycat Dolls, has shot a controversial video for new song, Paparazzi  See her pictures here: Hot Lady Gaga

The racy pop star was deemed  too sexy for Australian TV censors, with her clip for Love Game banned for “frequent verbal and visual sexual references”.

The mistress of spin features in her new promo, made by the man behind The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up, and shows GaGa being lobbed from a balcony by her lover, leaving her paralyzed in a wheelchair.

Swedish director JONAS AKERLUND dishes up controversy with a scene where she seeks perfect revenge by poisoning him.

She then makes a miraculous recovery and prances around in weird costumes.



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