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The Traveling Roadside Motel

First, Best there is our high-powered, yet friendly, search engine. It guarantees you more traveling Americans motels options and the lowest publicly available fares. And that includes Internet-only fares for nearly thirty airlines. In This capability, along with our commitment to unparalleled customer care, is what sets us apart from all other travel-planning Online. Explore the Difference in depth. It was obvious that the current state of the online travel agency business really didn’t serve the true needs of today travelers. The airlines shared a vision of the perfect travel site, one focused on the consumer. A site that would provide comprehensive and unbiased travel information as Best well as one that would make planning and buy USA vacation packages on the Internet easy and hassle-free; instead of the usual scavenger hunt. Travelers will have all want the motel’s information; so they can make informed decisions.

Mischaracterizations About Roadside Motels

Serious mischaracterizations have been made about us and the issue of who will have access to what fares. Some Inn and Best of those mischaracterizations have been based on simple ignorance, but others have clearly been part of a concerted effort by us competitors to use misinformation to prevent us from offering new competition to them and new choice to consumers USA Tour Packages. In There is no agreement by which any airline would be precluded from making any fare it chose available through any retail channel it chose. Airlines for 2 decades Best have been like any other business in America,  in that they can decide what they want to charge motel and where Best they want to sell their product. And that remains true under our agreements. Each and every airline, no matter what kind of participation it has, will be free to decide individually what fares it offers and whether or not to motels offer them through any other outlet.

It is absolutely clear that airlines do not have the ability to drive consumers to channels which the airlines, rather than consumers, prefer. If one or Best more airlines attempted to do so, the others would increase their market share by appealing to those same consumers through the channel those consumers prefer USA travel vacation packages. No airline can afford to turn Inn its back on any subgroup Best of consumers. No airline card to be anything other than as competitive and as attractive as it can possibly be through each channel to the consumers that prefer that channel. In This Best is a reality that grows ultimately out of the fact that the airline business is a very low margin business – any airline that lost even a small group of passengers would be at risk of swinging from profitable to Inn money-losing in an instant. Airlines scrap for every last passenger because they have to.
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