"over" the typical "joins us" bs? me too! read mine! - 25
"over" the typical "joins us" bs? me too! read mine! - 25
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Utha ,UT
Posted on : 27 Nov 2014
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Athletic and Toned
25 Years
Hello! I'm the kind of girl who feels like my life has been missing a beautiful lady, but I know I'm not girlfriend material. I'm far too married, far too busy, and far too into hanging out with my kids. I've spent the last 8 years of my life thinking I wanted a girlfriend on the side, but after some great realizations, I'm not sure that's true anymore. What I do know is in not into sneaking around. I don't like feeling sorry for my attraction to my very beautiful, also female friends. I'm bisexual, and very happy with my marriage. Who ever thought it possible? What I do want is someone who doesn't mind me always wanting to come to your house, not because I don't have one, but because I hate cleaning it, yet completely don't care about the condition of yours. I want to smoke a bowl, watch a movie on Netflix and let ourselves get comfortable. We don't have to cuddle on the first date, but let's not let the pre tense of meeting online be a pass to skip all of the exciting "getting to know each other" that comes with a regular date. I don't feel comfortable flirting with normal women, I never want to offend someone, you know? Cl is our safety to meet someone who is also into girls, but that doesn't mean we will have chemistry in reality, and there won't be pressure from my end. The "fine print" if you will... I'm a bbw, married, have kids. I'm professional at work, and comfortable at home. I'm not the greatest at being available, so I understand if the same goes for you. If you live close ish to sandy, the better. Attached girls are great, I don't mind meeting your boyfriends or husbands, but I want this between us ladies ultimately. Finally put "fine print" in the subject. Thank you!
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